Tobacco is grown commercially for its leaves and stems, which are rolled into cigars, shredded for use in cigarettes and pipes, processed for
chewing, or ground into snuff, a fine powder that is inhaled through the nose. Tobacco products contain nicotine, an addictive drug.
cigar and cigarettes are some of the tobacco products demanded by guest in a restaurant. It is the responsibility to serve cigars and cigarettes to
guest. However, most hotels and restaurants discourage smoking in public areas and do not sell tobacco products, some hotels have smoking
zones with name such as cigar terrace and tobacco corridor, for smokers to enjoy their figures for cigarettes without being frowned upon by non￾smokers. A well stocked bar will always have a good selection of cigar for all types.

Tobacco is grown in China, India, Java, Sumatra, japan, Central and South Africa and many other
countries. Although cigarettes are made in many part of the
world the best cigars come from Cuba and named after its capital, Havana. Tobacco is grown all over
Cuba and the finest one come from the vuelta, abajo, partidos,oriente.
all four of them produce fine quality tobacco cigar leaves, but the best quality comes from vuelta
abajo .

After tobacco is harvested, it is cured (dried), and
used to improve its flavour. There are four
common methods of curing tobacco. They are as
• Air curing
• Fire curing
• Flue curing
• Sun curing
The curing method applied depends on the type
of tobacco and its use.
Air curing: it is carried out in a well ventilated barn where the tobacco is air- dried for six to eight weeks. Air cured tobacco is low in sugar, which
gives the tobacco smoke a light, sweet flavour and it is high in nicotine. This method is suitable for making cigar.
Fire curing: in this method, smoke from a low burning fire on the barn floor spreads and passes through the leaves. This gives the leave a distinctive smoky aroma and flavour, it take about 3 to 10 weeks and producer tobacco low in sugar
and high in nicotine. It is suitable for pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco, and snuff.

Flue curing: in this method, tobacco is kept in an enclosed barn heated by hot air from flues. That tobacco is not directly exposed to smoke. This
method produces tobacco that is high in sugar and has medium to high levels of nicotine. It is the fastest method of curing, acquiring about a week. It is suitable for all kind of cigarettes. Virginia tobacco that has been flue cured is also called
bright tobacco because flu curing turns the leaves gold, orange, or yellow. Sun curing: in this method, tobacco is dried and covered in the sun. This method is used in Greece, Turkey and other Mediterranean countries to produce or enter tobacco. Sun cured tobacco is low both in sugar and nicotine. It is used in


cigar are grouped according to their shapes and sizes which together
are known as vitola . According to the shape figures are classified into two groups
Parejo: this is the common shape of cigar, has cylindrical body, straight sides, 1 and open and around tobacco leaf cap on the other end. FIGURADO : this is come in irregular shapes, the
common shapes are as follows.
Torpedo: it is like a parejo but the cap is pointed.
Pyramid: it has a broad foot and Narrows to a
pointed cap.
Perfecto: it is narrow at both ends and bulged in
the middle.
Tuscanian: it is also termed as cherrot long, slim
at the ends and thicker in the middle.