Traditional Farming


Traditional Farming ,which is Known as Ancient Farming. It can be defined as Primitive style of Farming that involves the Natural Resources,Organic materials and Cultural beliefs of the farmers.

It is developed from 3300 b.c by using stone pullers tied with oxen. The Natural Resources are Dung,water and Neem oil are used in this Farming .Hoe,hammer and sickle are tools of Traditional Farming.

There are two types of Traditional Farming. They are subsistence Farming and Commercial Farming.Subsistence Farming is used to feed their families. Commercial Farming are used to make money and more yield.

By Following Traditional Farming,Farmers can grow Double crops,Mixed Crops,crop Rotation.Farmers using products are Harmless and make soil fertile.

The advantages of Traditional Farming are good Production,Simple Harvesting,Safer Foods,Centre pivot Irrigation and soil fertile. This helps to lead Farming more years and good yield.

But It also have some Disadvantages like Time taken ,less crop yields,more work etc.

The beauty of farming is that is a culture of Farm her(land).