Impacts of smartphones

Mobile phones have revolutionized our lives for many years. In the past, people had to wait for days or weeks to get a reply to their letters. Smartphones provide us the opportunity to converse, figure out, and access content it’s also have redefined connectivity and communication. But, high-end mobile phones, have also turned out to be handy devices for anti-social elements. It all depends on how you use this Smart and handy gadget. They have their uses and misuses. The ability to talk without wires and all across the world is one of the major uses of smartphones. Smartphones have surfaced as the main communication gadget for millions of county side and distant areas in many developing countries where it is quite hard to build widespread landline phone infrastructures. Mobile Phones leads a man’s ways.

On one side if smartphones are the best sources to get instant help in the hour of need, there are some drawbacks to this gadget. Nowadays, parents are allowed their children to use smartphones at an early age but it is only to make sure about their safety and security which is needed since we live in an insecure society. However, it has been observed that these children do not make use of it in a proper manner. This can impact negatively on their mental and physical fitness. Burglars and criminals can plan out a number of criminals activities using smartphones. We must keep a close watch out for what purposes the Smartphone is used.