Human Brain

One of the most important organ of human body is human brain. The thinking power or the ability to learn or remembering things are all the features of brain. It is the most precious gift that God has given to human body. People talk about knowledge or intelligence which is being developed in brain only. In fact our brain also differentiate from animals and other creations of Almighty. You cannot do any work without using your brain. Everything you do is being accountable with your brain. It is the only part of human body that is never on a rest. When we are awake our brain is active or when we are sleeping than also our brain is active which means the dreams we see while sleeping.

Human brain manages all the functions of the body whether you are awake or sleeping. Your thoughts are being varied according to your surroundings but still you are thinking those thoughts from your brain only. It is said that we use only 10% of our brain which is unbelievable. According to the research we can use our brain up to 100% but if we do so that might creates problems for us only. Human brain too have some interesting facts also that one should know about it.

Let’s see what are those interesting facts:

  1. Feels No Pain- human brain is the essential part of central nervous system still it lacks in nerves. With an single organ lacking in nerves implies that human brain feels no pain.
  2. Energy Consumptions- major percentage of energy is generated in human brain. About 20% of energy is consumed by human brain whereas it weighs only 2% of the total body weight.
  3. Neurons- The capability of the brain are carried out with large numbers of neurons.
  4. Fattest Organ- About 60% of fat is comprised to human brain whereas 75% of water is also comprised to human brain which helps to regulate different types of body function.
  5. Every Parts Work- many people said that human brains uses 10% less than of their brains. On the other hand, research shows that every part of human brain has a known function.
  6. Yawning- it is the one of the most interesting facts that a person yawns only when the person see another person yawning. This is because of mirror neurons.
  7. What You Eat?- about 20%-30% calories are used by your brain. That’s why it is important to eat healthy for good health.
  8. Power- our brain generates 10-23 watts power that can even sufficient to light up a bulb. It is only when you are in conscious state of mind.

Our brain is working every single minute or second. It operates all the body functions of a human being. It works naturally and also considered as a multitasking organ of the human body. It carries all the thoughts just like a huge factory. With using more than billion neurons our brain allows us to process and understand everything that is around us. It is amazing as well as most interesting to know about.