Greed is the main cause of unhappiness in life.

Greed is a recognised vice and it is born of an excess desire for something. It may be of power, wealth, ambition, name, fame, and whatnot. It brings in its wake tension and unhappiness. But apart from these, there are one or two kinds of desires which can not be summarily rejected as bad. It is what we might term as access to desire to be nobly great. I shall discuss this exception to the rule at the end.
The basis of greed is desire but all desires are not greed at all. One must remember this. To be desireless is to be dull and inactive. Only when our desires are based on base selfish motives, we can call it greed. Then we are not satisfied with the fulfilment of our needs but want to have much more than our needs. We develop a desire to grab and the more we grab the more we become selfish and proud. This passion or excessive desire to have more is nothing but greed. A man then becomes shameless and pitiless. He spares none to achieve his end. We can cite some celebrities in whom this greed reached its worst form.
History presents the worst examples of greed and power in Hitler. He wished to be the supreme ruler of the world through the foulest and cruel method. He is still considered to be a dictator. A similar example of the greed of wealth today is Harshad Mehta, of ambition and power Saddam Hussain.
There goes an old saying, “greed begets sin and sin is the cause of death. The above-mentioned examples bear out the truth of the proverb. Even in normal life greed cause unhappiness as well because this fell desire is a suicidal passion. It never rests until it’s the target is achieved. It sets the mind on to invent foul methods. The greed of wealth tempts him or her to cheat others and to steal. The greed of power tempts him to show his might on the weak and the innocent. It is a proven truth that the greedy fulfil their desires by exploiting the weak, the poor and the innocent. He is always afraid of the strong and the alert person, for the latter may resist.
Unwary lies the head that wears a crown. Too much of power or wealth steals away a piece of mind. The man is always afraid of robberies and rivals of power. The opposite of greed is contentment. The latter is a spiritual asset for any man. But greed multiplies like wildfire. The greedy man can not accord to rein his desires. Naturally, he always remains at the mercy of his dangerous desires. He remains mentally restless and like a founder down the hill, goes down committing sin after sin. If this is not an unhappy state then nothing else can be.
It is now conclusively proved the merely an excess of desire is not greed. A man can suffer from an excess of desire as well. Milton suffered from an ardent desire to write great epics. Sinilarly great leaders nurse vehement desires to rise in life.But they do not fall in to the category of greed because these are nourished by wealthy and noble intentions.These give strength to the spiritual man whereas greed generally flatters his meterial ambition.