Advertising is necessary.

Advertising or publicity has today gained phenomenal significance. Naturally, it is wrong to negative it’s used.
In fact, the modern age cannot do without advertisement. Formerly the newspapers, house magazines and other printed media of advertisements were the chief vehicles of communication. But with the advent of the television advertisement has involved human life and culture as it did never before. Education, Science, Competitions, Domestic living and even kitchen menu are now under the remote control of the advertisers.
The world today has not only come closer due to the bonding progress of science, but human life on earth has also become myriad patterned. Commercial competitive spirit has generated a culture in which each product claims to hold it’s own. Naturally, man today is up against an array of competitive products that seek to influence him.
The taste of the pudding is in the eating. The proverb implies that an intrinsically good thing calls for no advertisement. But today the commodities of use have become scientific, and have to be properly advertised. The hygienic values of food, their components and the process of preparation have to be driven home to users through sensible advertisement. Again the earth’s environment, today suffers from an imbalance resulting in various kinds of fatal diseases. Advertisement is exceedingly needed to warn men about their habits and evil consequences. Only through advertisements like cartoon pictures, photographs and intelligent visual strips on TVs can such health hazards be avoided. Again these days the manner on which the importance of iodine on food to prevent goitre and the importance of triple injections for newborn babies that are telecasted shows the importance of advertisement.
But the on the negative side purely commercial advertisements ought to be checked. There is a tendency in traders to launch their bad or indifferent products through advertising gimmicks. Men, in general, are credulous. The sly advertiser often pushes in his stuff by out the good stuff. The usual technique is the high commission to retailers. It follows the general Gresham’s Law that bad money turns good money out of circulation. Unless our national government is alert enough and puts a check on such malpractice’s, we shall reap live the evils of advertisement.
Lastly, advertisement helps us in having a knowledge of the larger world of educational opportunities. Knowledge today is opening new and ever new fronts. Many traditional modes are being progressively relegated. It is a feature of this century where modern science is the greatest contribution, computer assessment of merits, computer in railway reservations have successfully made human living smoother. Now the results are more accurate and corruption free. Naturally, if there were no advertising media,the largest cross section of human beings that live in rural or non urban areas would have remained in the dark.So advertising has proved itself to be necessary,nay an indispensable component of a healthy societyBut as the advantages are many the disadvantages of its missuse are no less.Change is the only constant and inevitable so in near future we might get to see more changes in the advertising sector.