“Celebrating Plastic Bag Free Day And Finding Technological Aspects to fight with Plastic”

Humans have been developing science and technology so as to make their life more comfortable and easy. This humans have made some of the products which have proven to be boon for mankind. Such a product and material which has made life of humans more easier and comfortable.The ease of carrying material and storing them,manufacturing components and many more benefits have been available through this material to humans. Cost Effectiveness, light weight, easy to carry , rust resistance and many more things make this material the best to be used. But with times this has lead to deteriorate the condition of earth. This material as we know takes about 100-500 years to decompose and even more . These have led to pollution of our rivers, ocean sea and our land. 

We humans mostly focus on using plastic as single use plastic and throw it as soon as it’s used.This is especially for carrying bags. Every year, billions of waste material is recorded around the world with maximum concentration of plastic in it. People to get rid of this are starting campaigns which include recycle, reuse and even some believe in getting rid of it simply by burning, but a strong and well planned action to reduce and utilize the waste or stop product hasn’t been seen. 

So what can be done. As a campaign to stop the use of single use plastic every year, people celebrate “Plastic Free Bag day” on 3rd of july increasing the awareness about how plastic is bad for our nature, and how this problem is piling up, and would definitely lead to nowhere but doomsday


  • So people usually spread awareness about how plastic products can be utilized or reused most of which we threw away. 
  • People prevent the use of plastic bags on this day and prefer carrying a paper bag or a usual bag.
  • Most of the shopkeepers also do not prefer giving our things in plastic bags and aware people to use paper bags or cloth bags.
  • Most people go on hiking where they collect waste plastic things and recycle them or give it to the people who are good at recycling them and making the best out of waste. Most people also provide charities to these working individuals and this provides a helping hand in saving their earth.


We human surly need to understand, that we have polluted our earth with every kind of waste and destroyed its environment. Piling Up of waste, floating plastic In water in oceans and sea, disturbing aquatic life, polluted air, polluted soil and many more problems to be addressed which have made our life horrible . We surely need to shift toward better resources and material having the capabilities and abilities to give better results.Alternative to plastic and be the top contender to be utilized in place of it. The research work should be funded and people should prevent wasting and throwing plastic . Material possessing properties like lighter weight, cost effective nes and eco friendly must be initialised to be launched soon so as to get rid of the problems people need to come up with brighter ideas and reduce plastic waste or utilize in some better manner so that we make this earth better and cleaner and thus a better and purest place to live in.