A step towards spreading happiness….

“The best way to cheer yourself is to try to cheer someone else up” – Mark Twain

Happiness : In terms of psychology, we call happiness as positive emotions such as joy, pride, interest, enthusiasm. Happiness has also been said to relate to life satisfaction, appreciation of life, and moments of pleasure that means it has to do with the positive experience of emotions.

Many people think that happiness is having fun at a party, the excitement of new experiences or the delights of a fine meal. These are all wonderful experiences to be cherished and experience but they are not happiness. Happiness is something comes when you feel satisfied and fulfilled. It is a feeling of contentment and satisfaction.

“Happiness is the settling of the soul into its most appropriate spot.”
– Aristotle

It is a fact, “Everybody wants to be happy and everyone loves to feel happy” so try to build positive environment near you to get yourself happy and others.

Being happy and making others happy is a Complex task as everyone has their own sense of comfortable environment. Being happy or unhappy is there’s own choice. People who chose to be unhappy because they think that by being unhappy, they will get something which is wrong. Unhappiness van never lead to your goal of achieving anything.

When we step towards spreading happiness, we tend to forget our own sadness and also we get new ways to deal with difficult situations. When a person fills a part of kindness to other, it comes back with a feeling of love, care and happiness.

“I think happiness is what makes you pretty. Happy people are beautiful.They become like a mirror and they reflect that happiness” – Drew Barrymore

How to be happy and make everyone happy there are several ways-

  • Act of kindness “Give what you Get”- Most of the time people treat you as you treat them. Although, there are some who are ungrateful but you should still have positive feeling no matter what they do.
  • Smile – It is the best way to be happy and speed happiness to others. An act of smile creates positive vibes to yourself and other person.
  • Make an effort to build good thoughts- try to spread good thoughts about anyone, being gossiping negative things make yourself with negative thoughts and the person listening surrounds with off feeling vibrations.
  • Appreciate – Always praise and appreciate to what you like and observe It helps us get in tune with feelings with others. It is a good medium to spread happiness by appreciating worthy.
  • Surprise others- Surprise others with different things they love such as kind words, help, etc.
  • Donate what you can do as charity- Helping the needy gives the person the most sense of self satisfaction. Giving a hand to somebody in crisis is the biggest act of kindness and happiness. Smile on the face of needy gives the full mental satisfaction.
  • Listen to someone who wants your attention- Just be there when someone wants you to be attended. It builds a feeling of that someone is there to support and help.
  • Be thankful to the one who helped you – Move a step to express gratitude for people who helped in your bad times.
  • Deal enemies with a positive note –Even those who do not deserve kindness, treat them with kindness.
  • Do not harm anyone- Keep yourself away form Negative thoughts and acts. Do not harm intentionally any human or animal.

All these activities will make you happy and people surrounding happy. We all need to spread happiness around us to get rid off negative acts of suicide and depression among people. Be communicative to the ones you feel is not feeling well mentally. We have to realise the need of happiness for oneself and the world

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate” – Oprah Winfrey