“Don’t irritate, just meditate.”

Meditation is a process in which a person trains his mind to focus on a particular thing or work and prevent it from being distracted by other things in life. Meditation has been scientifically proven to provide various advantages both physically and physiologically.

I personally have been practising meditation for a few months and I can evidently see positive changes in my overall personality. I am listing down a few benefits of meditation:

● Meditation helps you to be more focussed in real life. It brings clarity in your thoughts and helps you to make better decisions in your life. It also keeps you away from all the distractions and helps you to stay motivated towards achieving your goal and be successful. You become more productive in your work due to meditation

● Meditation is powerful in eliminating the stress in your life if practised regularly. It trains your mind to deal with stress efficiently. Your body releases neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins during meditation. These are known to have a calming effect on your mind and body and provide happiness.

● Meditation makes you a confident person. It makes you believe in yourself and increases your self- esteem to make correct choices in your life. It teaches you to control your mind and use it in a way that is the most beneficial for you both professionally and personally.

● Meditation makes you mentally alert. It teaches you the necessary skills to tackle the problems of your life. It makes you smarter and increases your understanding of different things.

● Meditation makes you optimistic in life. You start thinking and focussing on the positivity and neglect the negativity surrounding you. You start feeling happy in your life.

● Meditation is a great way to get away from stress and also it is known to make you cheerful. Because of this, you are able to build stronger and healthier relationships with your family and friends, as you are able to communicate with them properly and be less angry or frustrated.

● Meditation can help you to sleep better. This, in turn, affects your overall health positively as getting good sleep has numerous benefits. It can improve your immune system, protect you from different types of diseases and relax your mind and body.

● Meditation can prove to be very useful in boosting your immunity power. It also lowers the blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart attack, kidney failure or any heart related diseases.

● Meditation makes you brave and fearless. It calms you and makes you strong from within. It gives you the required confidence to face any difficult situation in your life without anyone’s help.

● You get a glowing and a beautiful looking skin once you start practising meditation regularly. This is due to the release of good hormones in your body, reduced levels of stress in your life and your positive approach for life.

So, whenever you are feeling lost in your own busy world and want a break from your chaotic life. Just try to take out some time from your daily regimen and refresh yourself by meditating. Once you are done with it, you will feel energized from within and more joyful.