“Live close to nature by gardening.”

Gardening is something which I loved to do as a child and still I do it during my free time. The reason behind my love for gardening is my grandma. She taught me how to do it and we have a beautiful garden in front of our home and all my family members take care of it. We love to eat the fresh and tasty veggies and fruits of our garden.

I feel gardening is one of the productive hobbies. It offers various mental and physical benefits. This activity can be enjoyed and performed by people of all ages. It is a fun-filled activity and you can enjoy to the fullest while doing it.

I am mentioning below a few advantages that all of us can get from gardening.

● Gardening helps to connect you with your family when you involve them in the process. You can learn from them and can also teach them many new as well as old techniques involved in gardening. It gives you the time to interact with them and create some good memories.

● Gardening refreshes your mind, uplifts your mood and also gives you a relief from stress or tension. It will make you happy and distract your mind from your busy and hectic life and fill your thoughts with positivity.

● Gardening can prove to be a good exercise, since there are processes involved in it which require physical work such as tilling, spading, trimming, raking, weeding. Such activities help to burn your calories. It is thus a good workout for your overall body.

● Gardening makes you more responsible. You feel a sense of accomplishment once you see fresh fruits and different vegetables growing in your garden. It makes you feel proud and cheerful. You get motivated by seeing your produce.

● Gardening makes you more joyful. This is because you get a chance to stay close to greenery and breathe fresh air. It brings an interest in your everyday routine. Spending time with nature definitely makes you happier from within.

● You become more healthy when you do gardening. This happens due to the consumption of fresh produce in your garden. The healthy and slightly processed fruits and vegetables that you grow are very fresh and free from pesticides and chemicals.

● Gardening can help to improve your immune system. While gardening, you have to work in sunlight which exposes you to vitamin D. This vitamin has many benefits for your health. It increases your calcium level which boosts immunity and makes your bones stronger.

Thus, we can say that we get many gains from gardening. So, whenever you want a break from your daily regimen and want to have fun by being close to plants and greenery, then you should definitely give gardening a try. You will surely not regret it and also become happy.

Involve your friends and family members in this enjoyable activity and have a great time. This is such an activity that does not have any side effects and gives you immense pleasure from within.