A young girl cherry

There was a young girl Cherry,
she wanted to dance and shake her belly;
she decided to slim herself down;
suddenly broke her crown,
Oh! that poor girl Cherry.

Slippy cat

There was a slippy cat named Silk,
she had her eyes on my milk;
I became quite wise,
why don’t you try some mice,
This is how she was bilked.

Foodie Rudy

There was a boy Rudy,
Who was a big foodie;
Even in his dreams,
He always used to think about the creams;
Suppose this was the only his duty.

Chocolate river

If there were a river of chocolate,
I put them in my bag when it coagulates;
I share them with my friends,
Till they end;
By this, we would never get isolated.

A young girl Rose

There was a young girl Rose,
Who used to have a big nose;
Every time she lied,
Her nose became thrice;
Oh! that poor girl Rose.

Mary a fairy

There was a girl Mary,
She wanted to fly like a fairy;
After trying so well,
She always used to fail;
Still, she was not ordinary.

Big Hat cat

There was a pussy Cat,
Who had a big hat;
carrying so many mice in it,
she was very happy and fit;
This is how she enjoys her meat.