The night was still young.

A short horror story! It was the time in the early 80’s. In the village area of Rajasthan. Back then there were no transportation system and they had to travel on the cycles, and during the night time there was no proper lights, not even the street lights. People had to travel with the dim light in the night. There were around five people who used to work in an office and all were good friends. The work time was of morning 10 to evening 7 but as there were no transportation system they used to travel together and get separated as soon as their paths divides and that round upto 8 or 9 at night. They all were extremely hard working. Once all decided to have a small vacation and planned a one day trip. Everyone were excited as in those times people doesn’t know to enjoy enough. Carried the essentials with them, also took cooking stuffs as they decided to cook all by themselves. They reached near a river bank, gets a bath in that river and cook by themselves. It was a memorable moment for them. There were no gadgets back then, even then they knew to enjoy. Everything goes as per planned. It was now the time to return. All were heavily drunk so they decided to hire a car, not so fashionable one but an ordinary car as the car were not so popular back then and were extremely expensive but somehow they managed to hire one. All the stuffs were kept in the back side of the car and soon everyone grabbed their seat. The ride started, drizling air has been showered all the way long. The night was still seemed young! A big round moon projected in the sky..! Everything seemed alright. Everyone busy playing antakshri but out of nowhere the driver aksed to slow down the pitch a bit as the area was totally vacant…he asked everyone not to ask him to stop the car at any cost. Whatsoever may happen but he will not stop the car that way. Later sometime a person among them asked to stop as the lady was passing by. He seemed to sympathise as she was old and the cool breezes were all around also it was all dark by now. But driver didn’t seemed to listen to him and kept minding his own business. After repeatedly being aksed to stop the car the driver asked them to shut their mouth as the car was running at the speed of 60kmph, and the lady was running beside the car!! Had chills down your spine ; )

Ps:- A self made horror story. Let me know if you want more like this; )