“Drawing – The best art.”

Drawing is one of my favourite pastimes. I have loved drawing since I was a child and it still remains my favourite thing to do whenever I am bored and want to be entertained.

Drawing is actually not that easy as it looks. It involves immense efforts of an artist to bring a picture to perfection. But, if we exclude all the difficulties involved in the process of drawing, then it can be a real pleasure. It offers various benefits.

● Drawing improves your creativity skills. This is because you think of different ideas and ways to make your drawing more attractive and effective. It is a kind of exercise to your brain, wherein your mind is stimulated to think of innovative ways to present your thoughts artistically.

● Drawing is a great way to show your concepts to the world in your way. It gives a chance to show your talent to others and impress them with your innovative skills. You get to show your perspective of life through your art.

● Drawing is real entertainment. You just enjoy yourself thoroughly while doing this activity. You get to play with different types of colours. You just focus on completing your artwork without worrying about anybody’s opinions or judgements.

● Drawing can be an inspiration for people. You can use your art to spread a significant social message and motivate others to get involved in it as well. Your drawing can help to bring a change in people’s attitude and way of thinking.

● Drawing is a great way to preserve the culture and tradition of a country or religion. Through drawing, an artist can conserve the heritage and show it to the future generations and the entire world.

● Drawing can bring you closer to your family and friends. When you involve them while painting, you get a chance to have fun with them, create some good memories and connect with them.
● Drawing is also an alternative career option. If you know this art really well and love to do it truly then you can consider making it a source of income. You can become a drawing teacher at educational institutions, take online classes or conduct art exhibitions.

● Drawing proves to be helpful to improve your motor skills. The way you hold your painting brush or a pencil or other colours is a good exercise for the muscles of your fingers and hands.

● Through drawing you can express your ideas. You can paint out all your emotions on a paper and get relief from stress. Drawing makes you optimistic and keeps you away from all the negativity happening around you.

● Drawing helps to improve your concentration and makes you more focussed in real life. While drawing, you get so involved in your work that nothing seems to be more important to you. You simply keep focussing on each and every minute detail of your artwork to make it perfect.

So, whenever you are running out of ideas to entertain you when you are exhausted and want to have fun then, drawing can be a considerable option. Along with entertaining you, it also will benefit you in numerous ways. All you need to have is just a piece of paper and some colours and a pencil. Just grab all these things and get started with your artwork.