Film Review Of an overrated B’wood Movie I’ve Seen In Recent Times

Well, overrated would actually be quite an inappropriate word to use, so let’s just say it was a disappointing movie for it did fail at delivering what I and most of the viewers expected it to.

This movie that I had watched just 2 weeks ago ,”Laila Majnu” set in Kashmir directed by Imtiaz Ali went a bit over my head and hence became a reason of my dislike. The first half an hour is fine and in fact quite engaging. The male and female protagonist are into a kind of flirtationship, some cliché stalking from the guy’s side happens and then they soon fall for each other, ask the girl finally gives into to the boy’s advances. The romantic medley depicting this blossoming of love is just amazing! #Aahista Check out this clip here.

Their families are arch rivals. Laila gets married to somebody else owing to a misunderstanding. The story then takes a turn of events until both of the leads get united post Laila’s repentance as she came vis-à-vis the reality of (Qais) Majnu’s innocence and her husband’s real attitude soon after her marriage. So she was delighted to see Qais aka THE Majnu back in the town after 4 long years. After her husband’s demise in an accident, Laila had to wait for 3 more months to be able to marry Majnu as per an Islamic tradition.

Majnu was heartbroken still did not express anything because he was tired of waiting for his ladylove so he sought refuge in his distant, tranquil farmhouse. There he is portrayed as a mad lover through typical actions of running around, screaming out loud and it just didn’t seem to make sense to me. Seemed as if he got struck by sufism and that he came to realize that he didn’t any longer require Laila for the fulfillment of his love story. For he is so content and at absolute peace by just seeing Laila (an illusion actually) in a beautiful white fairy gown in front of his eyes, he is seen talking to her and that’s the reason why the people declared him mad.

  Laila then came to see him and she realised this as well that Majnu no longer needs her physical self to celebrate his love, for his love has evolved much more in deeper sense and left her body soonafter. Majnu is also shown to be dead near Laila’s grave. The ever-so-mind-bewildering story then ends with the song Jab Se Tu Meri Hai Tab Se Main Tera hu Laila. What questions pops up on my mind is that when one attains such deeper, higher form of divine, selfless love then it definitely would not lead to the downfall of that person that he would go insane. From what I know, true love only supports growth of both individuals and can never result in negativity as it is the only positive this world has to offer. So this story line contradicted the universal truth and just didn’t go well with me otherwise the scenes, the acting, the dialogues,
music and everything was top notch except for the way in which it’s plot progressed.

The leads, Avinash Tiwary and Tripti Dimri are coming together, yet again, for a Netflix Original “Bulbbul”. Checkout the trailer. Given that the chemistry of the leads was sizzling and they look cute together, I am sure you would not want to miss out on this one, especially if you love psychological, supernatural or thriller stuff.