Fashionable masks :on DEMAND

Have a look to different masks in the article….

Corona-virus : During lockdown , Indian textile and apparel manufacturers have been facing difficult times as they have lost almost all their orders for the summer and faced huge losses in sale. But, as the lockdown rules are relaxed, huge consumption of masks are in demand. The virus that created problem also offered a lifevest to textile industries.Orders of masks are flooded and production process are in load to meet the demand of masks for the population. With manufacturers ramping up production of face masks since the outbreak of covid-19, India has turned into a surplus nation choking production lines.

“India, according to the association, has a production capacity of 1.5 billion three-layer masks and after accounting for domestic demand, the surplus capacity is 532.03 million”.

Wearing masks in corona began to be mandatory for prevention from corona virus that saw a spike in recent times in many parts of the country.Wearing mask is no longer just a safety accessory,but people use it as a fashion accessory. Due to this, many apparel companies have started producing masks according to public interest. The textile industry is gearing up and making variety of masks as people are increasingly becoming safety conscious. Fashion is the right industry to make masks.

“Suddenly this (mask manufacturing) has come as a great opportunity for the industry, as a different product line, at this moment of crisis,” Ram Bhatnagar, Vice President and Head – Sales,Raymond Ltd. said adding, “nobody could have ever imagined about this segment from a fashion perspective.”

Textile industries are continuously on research to invent new forms of style in masks which would attract customers.This pandemic has brought out the innovative side of people.Mask made from different cloth,coloured or printed fabric are in demand.
Masks are in demand according to workplace, events etc. Have a look to some of these-

  • Matchy- Matchy masks :

Indians are buying multiple masks for themselves and their loved ones, as masks are reusable. Fashion conscious peope are buying multiple masks with different colours to match their outfits. People who are working during the pandemic are using masks according to their dress matching.

  • Children’s masks :

Textile industries are creative and designing attractive masks for kids. From cartoons to super-heroes, characters from sci-fi films,birds, animals and flowers to the range. Cheerful characters like dora, Chotta Bheem, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck are in demand.

  • Face print masks :

This new surge in the demand for masks has led to people unleashing their creative best in the form of creating face printed masks. The mask is printed with the person’s face from nose to chin, which makes it easy to recognise despite wearing it. People are attracted towards their own face printed masks these days. The trend has become quite popular in other parts of the country too, with several other photo studios having started offering similar services.

  • Wedding masks :

Few Indian weddings have taken place during the lockdown and the bride and groom are seen wearing coloured, sparkling masks. The wedding wear market is also taking the trend seriously and a couple of clients have shown interest in custom-made face masks.

  • Organic cotton masks :

Organic material based masks are also in demand to promote ‘Swadeshi ‘.The fabrics used are pure cotton dyed in extracts of turmeric, neem, tulsi, red sandalwood and indigo.They are healthy and easy to breathe.

For now and post-covid world, masks are here to stay and so, designer masks. Perhaps, these masks is what may help people to get protected from coronavirus.So keep wearing face covers, masks or whatever you have. Stay safe, stay healthy….!!!!