Let us change and make a revolution

  • Time for change *

“The door for change is open for all time. The next moment we take the first step from us, the universe will create all the forces for achieving it,” said , Nammazlvar – The agriculture scientist
This proverb is very consistent with the changes of the emerging 2020s. It is time for change. * Food is the medicine and the medicine is the food* where this line gets immunity nowadays in this pandemic of Covid 19 to grow up our immune system.
The claim is that this community is growing and growing. With the economic downturn, hunger, disease and long-distance migrant workers, all they can expect is just a good meal.
Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy but it accounts for only 14% of GDP.

Reliance, Tata Families Why Don’t Invest in Agriculture?
If they do, the new farming technologies abroad will benefit the Indian people, and it may inspire a lot of small investors. We go with the lure of money. So the top investment in agriculture is to make a good profit.

Have Ambani not invested in agriculture ? In 1997, the Jamnagar Refinery was one of the country’s largest pollutants and was the biggest threat to Reliance. After a serious threat from the government, they turned the Jamnagar barren wasteland into a mango orchid. Currently it is said to be * Dhirubai Ambani Lakhibag Amrayee *. It is the best mango orchid in Asia. More than 1.3 lakh plants of over 200 species.

In a few years the barren lands were turned into lush countryside.
The mangoes produced are excellent in quality and are widely exported worldwide. The company has become one of the biggest exporters of mangoes in the society and a great business opportunity.
While large investment firms invest in agriculture, the resilience of farmers of intermediaries and agricultural marketing comes to an end. It will also be a major contributor to Indian GDP and stimulate raise in the standard of living. Needs are becoming greater for man because of the involvement of money but changes in lifestyle.

Similarly, the impact of food production on India’s independence was very worrying. The sky is gone. Due to the lack of food, starvation deaths among people have developed into a disease in India. The Green Revolution was a project introduced in the 1940s. It is still spoken of as a major contributor to the uplift of the socioeconomic economy.
The result? Controversies of the Green Revolution Project. The project was based on the people then, and as a result, chemicals are causing diabetes, cancer and infertility. We have been restoring natural agriculture quite a bit. We need to create natural agriculture as a gateway to change.

The kitchen gardening revolution of 2020 where you grow you eat healthier as much . It helps in preventing the toxic chemicals , purely hygienic nutrients that enhance your immune and to a part of hobby, exercise etc.

“It’s time for change, let’s get rid of the sickness, let the dawn of the eyes of the owl come to life. Let us value the nutritious food.
Dharshini N.