Types of journals

Journals are modern weapons used to survive in this world. Journals are the records of an event that are explained clearly. It acts as permanent records too. Journals were mostly in the written form. Academic journals, Trade journals, Current affairs journals, Popular journals, Newspapers are the different types of journals.

The purpose of the Academic journal is to provide Academic disciplines. They are peer-reviewed and the content of the journal is in the form of research papers, books, or article reviews. By the Academic journal researchers and journalists had a platform to perform and to pass their knowledge to their audience. In a digital world, the content of the authors would be available online in some Academic Libraries. The second one, Trade journal. They are useful for the business doing people to develop and promote their business. The trade-related journals we’re written by experienced professionals. It also helps in taking investment and purchase decision making. The next one is Current Affairs journals. They are news updates or broadcasts the news under different genres like Economics, Political, etc. That news would be broadcast on radio and television.

Popular journals are written by Journalists about popular issues. The main goal is to entertain people with the use of simple and understanding languages. The newspaper carries news about the world and provides news updates and general knowledge. It contains news under various genres like sports, entertainment, political, etc. It also creates a habit of reading among the people.