It doesn’t require any money to be neat, clean and dignified that is why today I came up with a simple and a classy style of wash console that will perfectly fits your style. A small bathroom not only looks sassy but also don’t take much space like the other normal sinks which usually cover ups lots of space due to fitting. This “oval shaped sink” comes with an iron faucet supported by rectangular long legs that holds an oval glass shelf. It will provide you an elegant addition for contemporary decor. It provides to you a neat and clean look and saves some additional space. This thing only depends on your bathroom and your existing aesthetic that what you want to achieve. This sink will provide you a built in bar for towels. Beautifully made faucets and taps and sink legs make the whole becomes very impressive. This kind of small wash consoles are a bit industrial but modern design which will perfectly suits your master bedroom. A basket under the sink s ace is also provides to keep your nearby area clean and neat. This kind of classy washroom consoles which are not seen today which are movable that is it can be move from one room to another according to your choice. It is better than the wall mounted basin because when there is any defect in the sink the water starts touching the wall and it gets damaged whereas in oval sink it can be keep away from the wall. It is the type of basin which does not only gives you a classy finish but also but adds up some style, beauty and elegance. It perfectly adds up with the grey wall and it will make for a nice, modern addition to any interior. Then the other thing comes to the mind is the bathroom lighting which makes a lot of difference. From bathing to morning makeup it make things easier and enjoyable. The other thing that strikes next is the floor because if the floor is not providing the grip then there can be cause of danger. Therefore the “floor is made of wood” because wood is the material which usually absorbs water and make it a good surface for grip and due to the high quality of wood this floor is going to remain for a very long time and also is going to give a futuristic look to your house. This sink can be part of either your bathroom or your lobby that will attract anyone going across it because this sink doesn’t show too much of its fitting and will be a magic for people, which makes it a eye catcher product.