Welcome everyone, so, you might get a bit of confusing by reading the topic, well it is true, there is a paradise not for the people who is a die or something it is the place where the living person can also go there. Well, that place is so gorgeous to see and with the valley on the lap of the majestic Himalayas.

So, you must all have got ideas!

The place which I am talking about is nor other than Kashmir-The Heaven on Earth. Nature had made Kashmir such a magnificent place with unbelievable beauty. Do you know how the people knew that Kashmir was only heaven on earth? In the 17th century Mughal emperor Jahangir visited there and saw this beautiful and breathtaking place. He said this place as Heaven.

Kashmir is in the northernmost state of India is surrounded by the mountains, Kashmir signifies represented with, stunning Chinar trees turn into the entire valley into yellow at autumn, Silver lakes that turn into golden at the crack of Dawn, that all the natural beauty feels like we are in the sky. Kasmir is the land of flowers at the time of spring and winter season.

Do you know the story about Kashmir? I am not telling you about the division between India and Kashmir. There is another story about Kashmir which some of you may know, so there was a classical story that the place which is now known as Kashmir was a Lake. There was a demon who used to live there and was creating difficulty to the souls of that place. So later on, Goddess Parvati with Maharishi Kashyap killed that demon. So this was the story about Kashmir.

Now, I am going to describe you some extraordinary elements in Kashmir.

1. Srinagar:- The most famous place in Kasmir in Srinagar. In Srinagar, you can go trekking, boating, bird watching, we can also say that Srinagar is the mirror image of mountains. In Srinagar, you can visit at the time of June to October and if you want to see snow then you should go from December to January.

2. Gulmarg:- Gulmarg is also known as the Meadow of Flowers, as you can see there many vibrant colors of flowers. It is the best place for Mountain Biking, trekking, and skiing. In Gulmarg, you can visit the place from December to January as it is time for whitening.

3. Sonamarg:- The land of Gold of Kashmir. It is the place to visit at the time of summer for camping, trekking. It is the best place to enjoy the aroma of flowers.

4. Leh:- You all have viewed the movie 3 idiots, this is the place where 3 idiots last scene has been shot. This place is best for the bikers. In this place, you will never get disappointed as it offers breathtaking views. So these were the most famous places in Kashmir.

Now we will see the most mouthwatering dishes of Kashmir.

1. Rogan Josh:- It is the non-vegetarian dish, who is fond of eating meats you should try this dish. It is flavored with brown onions with various spices and yogurt.

2. Modur Pulav:- It is the Kashmir sweet dish prepared by using cinnamon, saffron, milk, and ghee. This different taste of Pulav is something you have never tasted.

So these are the most famous dishes in Kashmir.

In Kashmir, they wear there Traditional dress which is known as Phiran. This outfit is both for male and female. This traditional dress benefits them to keep warm in the place.

There are some things you should buy when you visit to Kashmir.

First, is Pashmina Shwals and Blanket, which is commonly famous in Kashmir. They are crafted with pure sheep wools which visitors usually buy it.

Second, the traditional Jewellery which is crafted with high precision to offer a luxurious look.

Third, the dress materials are the most gorgeous traditional dresses to wear and also have a photoshoot.

So these are things usually people mostly buy it. I think this is all about Kashmir.

Let me know in the comments how you feel about Kashmir and has you visited Kashmir or not. I hope you all enjoy reading my article!

Thank you and have a nice day!