Want to increase Blog traffic|SEO

Over 2 million articles are published on the internet every day. So how to efficiently elevate the amount of traffic to your website? After reading these articles all your queries will resolve.

The first way you can share with your friends and family through whatsapp and Facebook. But hardly you can get 500 -600 visitors.

Then comes the second approach when you advertise your website and it is an expensive way. Small Startups and individual can’t work on this.

Then comes the role of SEO(Search Engine Optimization). Many YouTubers and startups are using this technique to boost the amount of traffic to their website without even spending a single penny. The question then arises. What is Search Engine Optimization?

When you search on google or any other search engine, you get a list of website matching with your search. Now a question arises, How google create the list? Every search engines use its own algorithm to create a list for a given query. Then there comes the role of SEO. So how can we optimize search engine so that our Website get secure high rank in search engine? In simple words, whenever someone searches about a particular keyword so that all the traffic come to your website.

SEO is a technique to rank up your website with a relevant keyword or phrase to increase the visitors on your site. The better optimize your site is more frequently your website show up in the Search Engine Result Page, means more traffic.

Companies pay professionals to optimize their website. So that they can rank up site their site in search engine.

White hat SEO VS Black hat SEO

White hat SEO follows use only ethical tactics to rank and follows search engines guidelines. It simply means they can’t manipulate their algorithm to optimize their site.

Black hat SEO violates search engine guidelines and manipulate their algorithm to rank up their sites.

So google updates it’s regularly so that they can close the loopholes that black hat SEO exploits.

Keyword research

Make a list of relevant keywords that people might have searched. Simply you can use keyword tools for research. It’s not hard to find a relevant keyword.

These are some free keyword search tools:

1.Google search Console

2.Google Trends

3.Answers to public

4.Keyword shitter

5.keywords Everywhere

You can access all these tools it doesn’t cost you a dime, but none of them offers all-in-one functionality. Get to know about the tools and use them accordingly so you can get better results.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is a practice to make your web page or content optimize for search engine and users.

Buying a suitable domain name, optimizing your title tags to target optimal keywords is some common On-page SEO practices to make your website SEO.

While to rank up your site you also need to create good quality content. You have to make sure that the title or URL of the article should be user friendly. Make sure Every page on site has a simple and readable URL.

Adding internals links can also increase the chance of high ranking of your site .

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO refers to an activity taken outside of your website to raise your ranking the SERP.

Building backlinks is at the essence of off-page SEO. It’s simply is getting another website (relevant to your own websites) to link your website.

You can do this by contacting influencers (reputable and trustworthy) and ask them to link your website.

By creating good content so others themselves link your website without even contacting.

These are some safest ways to get backlinks.

You can even purchase an expired domain name. Expired domain names are those which have a suitable ranking, backlinks but the person forget to renew the domain name.

In last avoid using PBN like practices since google can find it and most likely ban your site to appear on search.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comment below and have a wonderful day.