Muhammad M. Ibrahim1*, Akbar Salihu2, Fatima Ibrahim Dugje3

*1Department of Microbiology, University of Maiduguri, Nigeria; 2ART Unit, Infectious Disease Hospital, Kano, Nigeria; 3Department of Medical Laboratory Science, University of Maiduguri; Nigeria; 3

*correspondence author: mnistyle@yahoo.com


Typhoid fever is a systemic infection caused by the Gram-negative bacillus Salmonella typhi and occasionally by Salmonella paratyphi. This study was carried out to assess the biochemical parameters AST, ALT and ALP in patients with Typhoid Fever. The study was designed to evaluate the serum liver enzymes’ activities during the incidence of typhoid fever. The aminotransferases (AST and ALT) and alkaline phosphatase (ALP) activities were demonstrated using Reitman and Frankel method and King and Amstrong method respectively. A total of 200 subjects were studied, which was divided into 100 healthy individuals (controls) and 100 diagnosed typhoid fever patients. The results revealed a highly elevated levels of AST (25.6±17.6), ALT (22.5±8.8) and ALP (32.0±16.1) (p<0.05) observed in typhoid patients as compared to controls (1.0±1.7) (6.5±2.8) and (24.0±6.4) respectively. It could be noted from the findings of this study that there is a derangement of the liver enzyme values in typhoid patients. This study appears to have ample evidence based on the physiological and biochemical parameters in typhoid patients to help explain the influence of typhoid morbidity.

Keywords: Salmonella typhi, Typhoid fever, Liver enzymes,


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