Gender Inequality in Education among Adolescents

Pooja Mishra*Prof Sunita Mishra**

* Scholar, **Professor and Dean

Department of Human Development and Family Studies

School for Home Science

Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University Lucknow-226025


Gender inequality in the education system affecting both men and women during and after their educational experience men are more likely to be literate with 100 men considered literate for every 88 women in modern time women are performing exceptionally well in different spheres of activities . The problem of gender inequality still prevails in all spheres of life thought Indian constitution has granted equality to women in principle in reality majority of India women are facing the problem of inequality. Gender inequality in education in India where the situation is paradoxical. On the hand of education many of them are topping the merit list the percentage of passing in more than the boys but at the same time according 2011 India census 35% women are illiterate. Out of remaining 65% literate women the percentage of higher education is very low there are education disparities on the ground of urban and semi urban poor rich, higher lower cast. The paper highlights the challenges in gender inequality in education girl’s student the aim of the paper career choice in their education. Their experiences about gender inequality in the family; family background. The data was collected by the self designed questionnaire. The study will be limited to the student.

Key Word– Gender Inequality , Education , Adolescent.


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