Liberty or Naxalism

When virtues become vice
Divide and rule become device
When relations don’t matter
When chatting turns into clatter
When the rule of land is misused
People become unwilling to mend
When rich become unkind
And poor are left behind
When rich enjoy luxury
And poverty is made mockery
When the bounty of nature is not shared
In dealings and actions poor less cared
When voice turns into silence
Subdued by power and dominance
Poor express their desire 
Not through voice but gunfire
The poor now no longer plead
Bullets make them bold and they lead
Revolution for their right
Marching ahead, waging a fight
System that creates perpetual poverty
You may call revolution or their liberty
You are free, free citizen of a nation
Free to sense or reject the notion

{Written on understanding the issues and problems of the Naxalism in Indian states primarily dominated by the tribal people of people with low per capita income. The poem tries to trace out the root cause of the rising Naxalism or Maoism.}

Shashikant Nishant Sharma ‘साहिल’
= =============15 May 2012=============== 

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