Book the treasure of knowledge

Book the treasure of knowledge
Solemn oath and beautiful pledge
Source of humours and wisdom
Gift from God’s kingdom
Ideas in black and white
Many writers’ write
Colourful stories
Penned cherishable memories
The best of human faculty
Books contain the best novelty
Of the great minds of the world
Many new and many old
Shining like silver and gold
Many stories untold
Books are world in itself
They are of great help
Those who wish to learn more
Broaden the outlook, thinking pure
Benefits of books are many 
They relieve your grief
And make you brainy
Provide you a sense of relief
From hustle and bustle of life
Best companion, better than wife
It gives you daily delight
And never resort to fight

{A poem written on books as I am a great fond books and I regularly read books and this poems is dedicated to books, my best companion.}

Shashikant Nishant Sharma ‘साहिल’

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