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iTop PDF: Convert PDF Files For Free

A PDF utility that allows you to open and modify PDF files is called iTop PDF. Any document may be quickly created and converted to PDF format from a single platform.

A PDF conversion application for computers and mobile devices that handles files in more than 24 languages is called iTop PDF.

iTop PDF offers a program for converting, editing, dividing, rotating, merging, signing, locking, compressing, and unlocking PDF files as well as converting PDF to Word, JPG, Excel, and PowerPoint documents to streamline the PDF record updating process.

Is it safe to use iTop PDF?

A 100% safe PDF converter is iTop PDF. It is a trustworthy PDF Editor and converter for any tool, including Android and iOS smartphones. iTop PDF service is more safe & comfortable than any other pdf tool since it guarantees privacy with a 100% guarantee.

How to Use the iTop PDF Compressor to Compress a PDF

If you need to make your PDF report smaller to upload online. One of the nice tools for compressing PDF files without sacrificing file quality is the iTop PDF Compressor. In this PDF compressor, you may add PDF files that are up to 5GB in size. This PDF compressor will most effectively take a few seconds to compress even a large PDF file.

How to make a PDF file shorter:

  • The iTop PDF Compressor device should be opened.
  • Your file will be uploaded to the PDF compressor.
  • This tool will automatically start to trim and shorten the document.
  • If you wish to edit the PDF file, click Continue.
  • Click Download to download the compressed PDF report to your computer when it has been compressed.

Word to PDF Converter iTop

You might easily and quickly convert your PDF file to a word document with the iTop PDF to Word Converter. Simply drag and drop your file to convert it from PDF to MS Word format. This PDF converter tool can quickly convert PDF to Word. The fact that the upload record’s duration is unrestricted is a quality element. You don’t need to register to use the PDF to Word conversion tool from iTop PDF. Convert PDF files quickly and easily to editable Word documents.

Convert PDF to Word with high quality – There isn’t a more affordable option than iTop PDF to Word converter if you’re seeking a great PDF to Word converter. With this straightforward PDF converter, you may convert documents to the highest quality possible.

How to convert a PDF file for free to Word

  • Visit by clicking the icon to get to pdf-to-word.
  • Use the PDF converter to upload your PDF file.
  • The conversion process will begin automatically with iTop PDF.
  • Hold off until the conversion is finished.
  • Download the Word document.

Merge PDF files with iTop PDF

Merge PDF files with iTop PDF – With free iTop PDF, you may combine and merge your PDF. With only a few clicks, you may create a single PDF file by joining numerous PDF documents together with the tiny PDF Merger tool.

Simple PDF combining with a preview is possible with the help of the iTop PDF combine tool. You may combine your PDF files by dragging them into the editor to rearrange or eliminate certain pages from the combined PDF report. To combine several PDF files into one record, you may also upload more than one.

How to join PDF files together

  • By pressing the button, the iTop PDF combiner tool is opened.
  • To add PDF files to the tiny DF combiner tool, drag & drop.
  • Page by page, arrange them in your favorite order.
  • If desired, add, rotate, or remove more documents.
  • To combine or merge the PDF, click “Merge PDF!”
  • Once finished, virtually download your PDF files.


It is simple to convert PDF files into high-quality photos and MS Office documents like word, excel, and PowerPoint with iTop PDF. By just clicking the “Office to PDF” button, all MS formats can be quickly converted to PDF.