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It’s Never Too Late To Live Your dreams

We always hear that it’s never too late to live our dreams and there’s no better example than Chandigarh resident Harbhajan Kaur who in true sense living her dreams. She’s indeed an inspiration to all the procrastinators. Her journey aptly defines that age is just a number and where there is will you will definitely find your way.

So let’s take a look at her tasteful journey of passion:

It all started in 2016,when one day Harbhajan’s daughter Raveena Suri asked if she had any regrets in her life to which she sadly expressed of not being able to earn a single penny over these years. This pinched Raveena lot. Aware of her mother’s cooking capabilities she now decided to motivate her and showed her the direction towards a new beginning. She asked her to make and sell her signature ‘Besan ki Barfi’ which over the years was only relished by family members.

So one day they both visited sector-18 to sell their sweet and it was very much liked by people and at the end of the day Harbhajan Kaur for the first time earned an amount of ₹2000. But what started as a weekend startup soon became on orders only enterprise. This was the time when Harbhajan Kaur was living her dream. Soon their idea took its final shape and she started selling barfis under brand name Harbhajan’s with the tagline “Bachpan Yaad Aajayega” (you’ll remember your childhood). The most interesting thing about her is that she herself manages everything on her own from roasting gram flour to cutting the perfectly shaped barfis. Her barfis are made only on orders and people collect the freshly made barfis at her residence.

Her hard work soon received plaudits when she trended on Internet after a tweet made by Anand Mahindra. He tweeted “When you hear the word ‘start-up’ it brings to mind images of millennials in Silicon Valley or Bengaluru trying to build billion dollar ‘unicorns’. From now on let’s also include a 94 year old woman who doesn’t think it’s too late to do a start – up. She’s my entrepreneur of the year.”

So now what are your views about this inspirational story? Don’t you think if she can then why not you? Wake up smell your dreams and start working to achieve them. Don’t be hesitant, don’t think about society or anyone else thinking “log Kya kahenge”. Just let it happen and feel the change.