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It was winter I was sitting outside

sipping  my milk as I sighed

reading the newspaper headlines, country’s at war again it read

Frustrated I put the newspaper aside

Then came tipper tapper of feet

a crash and he was lapping milk happily

as I saw him look at me

I reached out and stroked him lovingly

he dragged me away from reality,

and we played that day endlessly



The poem shows a beautiful bonding between a dog and its owner. The poet expresses distress when she comes across the various happenings around the world and how she feels sad about it. At that moment her pet dog comes around wagging his tails and comforting her with his presence. This poem is an exact representation of the poet’s relationship with her dog. We sometimes crave human interaction so much that we sometimes are ignorant towards those innocent creatures that are adept at easing our worries and keeping us company. The poem’s main focus is on the web of problems created by humankind which humans aren’t adept at handling themselves. For some peace and quiet, they revert to harmful means. We are easily dissatisfied with the true facts and reality that it takes a toll on our body itself. Man creates problems for himself but alas cannot find the necessary solutions. This isn’t the case with animals. Animals create their own harmony and cohabit with each other. Where necessary they get involved otherwise they look for peaceful coexistence.

The background of the poem is set upon a lonely winter morning where the poet is reading the daily newspaper which ultimately leads to misery and distress which the poet wants to avoid. The daily happenings are recurrent and loathsome as they portray that the countries are at war again. Troublesome cases and horrible scenarios swirl in her mind with images of bloodshed and terror spreading over countries like the plague. Out of frustration she puts the newspaper aside and tries to cool her heated mind. The line ‘ tipper tapper of feet’ is of particular relevance to the poet as it means the arrival of her pet dog whom she adores. As any mischievous pet would do, so he also spills milk so as to get a taste and that makes the poet smile while alleviating her of her distress. The arrival of her pet dog signifies that she became engaged with him to forget all about the present reality. For her, it was enough to enter her wonderland and like Alice get lost in it with her dog and forget momentarily about her worries and dwell deep into a fantasy-like or dream-like state. This poem is a perfect representation of animal lovers and their little fantasy-like world in which they engage to escape reality and its harsh circumstances. This is true for every animal lover as the poet being a dog lover herself experiences utmost happiness and pleasure when she spends time with her beloved pet without any worries.



Gentle breeze brush the blush tint of petals away from my face

Whilst I peeped from behind to find warm brown eyes greeting me

that eternal lingering fuzzy feeling lasts when you shyly look away

I prettied myself, neck adorned with lace

As I flicked through that worn out diary, out of curiosity

Your loving glance, a sigh escapes me

Tenderly, I reached out only to catch falling cherry blossoms

First springs of the month, the sky doused in love splashed with hued pink

The cackle of geese, the babble of relentless joy once hushed come the sedentary winters

Now in full bloom like the cherry blossoms in their own merry and gay has said to intertwine lover’s fate

Blessed be they who catch the first spring petals believing with their heart’s content

The sun dips low the artist changes palette

Wondering how lonesome  the night would feel  when all in deep slumber

As I take my time to proceed I make no haste

I flick open the cap and pour my soju as I disguise my distaste of the stinging taste

It douses a fire I convince myself as my Id overpowers my ego

Night after night the streetlamp flickers but I always seem to search for those bright eyes

In the dead of the night what madness one must wonder but I am relentless

The hush of the trees and the whispering breeze gives me company

As the night starts to get chilly I wrap my comforter tightly

Hurrying home, wistfully thinking if only I could cajole you into accompanying me

Wrapped in my arms caressing you tenderly, drifting to sleep  the lullaby of sweet melody

Amidst the chaotic mornings, your hungry eyes still find mine ever awaiting eagerly

Day after day my clouded thoughts jumbled with the yearning for you fuels my growing impatience

My perseverance grows thin as I flip through my worn out diary

Under the cherry blossom tree

I cannot reach out, nor touch thee

Not until I could take you home, your beseeching eyes call to me

One melancholic morning you come bounding on all four

I stroke you lovingly digging my fingers in your soft coat as I smell deeply your puppy scent

It fills my nose as I shower you with kisses and bounce you happily

Taking one last look at the cherry blossoms we sway lightly and tread softly

Back home.


The poem wishes to express the heartfelt bonding between a woman and a dog who have just met. Coincidentally both of them are suffering from bouts of loneliness and thus keep each other company thereby developing a beautiful relationship. This poem conveys how human interactions are not always necessary for curing loneliness through companionship. The woman at first doubts and hesitates if she will be able to take proper responsibility for the dog and delays making a decision. Nevertheless, we see her bravely forgoing all her unnecessary dilemmas and finally taking the dog back home with her.