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Patent for ISRO protective garment for human spaceflight

Another feather adds to the ISRO crown. ISRO has got an Indian patent for its liquid cooling and heating garment suitable for the space Application. The patent is valid for 20 years from the date of application that is, February 8, 2016, and was granted on June 19. while ISRO is a patent owner, the four investors are Srirangam Siripothu, Reshmi Balachandran, Saraswati Kesava Pillai Manu, and Gurumurthy Chandrasekaran.


The garment is made of biocompatible Fabrics and parts which help maintain comfortable body temperature. According to ISRO the garments has superior heat transfer efficiency and can be conveniently used for maintening the body temperature of the wearer at levels suitable for the physiological performance require. The outer and Inner Layer of the garment are separated by plurality of tubes configured to exclusive a heat transfer fluid


12 Year Old Rail Enthusiast From Kerala

Adwaith Krishna, a 12 year old boy from Thrissur, Kerala has achieved a lot of praise at such an early age. This 7th class student is a rail enthusiast. He has made a replica of a train model just by using a paper and glue. In all, just by using 33 sheets of old newspapers and 10 A4 size paper sheets he has made a wonderful steam locomotive model.

His creative work was even recognized and appreciated by Railway Ministry who shared his train model’s post on social media and tweeted, “Master Adwaith Krishna, a 12 year old rail enthusiast from Thrissur, Kerala has unleashed his creative streak and has made a captivating train model using newspapers. His near perfection train replica took him just 3 days”.

This tweet was sooner trended on Internet. It was liked over 6600 times on Facebook and over 1400 times on twitter. This boy truly illustrates that our future is in bright hands.