O My Darling

O my darling
Understand my feeling
Come near
And call me dear
You are my heart
Let me flirt
Come nearer
Feel the touch
Touch of a manly hand
Besides me do stand
Don’t miss the chance
Let’s romance
On the tune of nature
Let’s dance
Let two hearts become one
Make me special from someone
We are made for each other
Like bird and its feather
Like Ocean and water
Like strings of a guitar
Let’s play of music
Music of two hearts
Let’s feel the beauty
The beauty of eternal arts
Do love me
Love like your duty
Feel my heart with glee
Listen to untold plea
O my darling
Understand my feeling

Shashikant Nishant Sharma ‘साहिल’
Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd



I want to draw attention of our education ministry to solve the problem of poor student who study in the primary class, there is maximum changes in the textbooks every year so that it become very difficult to afford higher rate of textbook, so there should be a panel which regulate minimum cost of text book so that each one can afford the fee of their children education .Our current education system is becoming day by day costlier for poor family. This is creating a big problem in giving a best scholar from weaker section of our society, if problem will not be solved immediately it will create a great problem for country tomorrow. The day will not be far when this section of our society will produce antisocial elements instead of good scholars. The education system should lead to social justice and social equity.

Harish Kumar


Seeing the moon…

Seeing the moon
I see you, my sweet heart
And wish to meet you soon
I wait and wait
Morning to noon
Looking towards gate
While at breakfast
I play with plate and spoon
Without you food is tasteless
Life has become a mess
I eat little, drink little
Think more and more
How and when to meet you
See you before my view
I wish to meet you soon
And see my lovely moon
My sweet heart 
Don’t be late
Come soon
Come soon….
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Passion and Profession

    • When a man tried to give a 25 paisa coin to a beggar
      The beggar refused to accept and said further
      O sir, my mother and father
      There is price hike everywhere
      We accept one rupee coin or more
      The man said louder
      I can’t give you more
      The beggar said being impatient
      Why are you standing? 
      And not understanding
      Come and beg with me
      I will pay you 50 paisa per client
      Begging is immoral an illegal
      The man tried to give counsel
      The beggar replied with caution
      Begging is my passion
      Now it has become my profession
      Thinking to expand my business
      Cover more areas and make it larger
      He uttered an offer
      You join me, my brother
      I will make you my branch manager
      Of the new venture
      The talk stops
      Prevails a silence
      He thought better to leave
      Without letting anyone notice
      Reality is far from our perception
      Stop giving alms
      Make a difference
      Help if you can
      Don’t promote beggary
      In the name of charity
      This is the reality

      {This was written after overhearing the conversation of the beggars and subsequent news of beggary as profession promoted by some gangs in Cities. Also a small documentary on Delhi Durdarshan channel showed how some greedy persons in beggary mutilated the limbs of small child to make them beggar. Since then I have not given any alms to any beggar.}
      Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd



Teach me: Lessons from Nature

  • O river teach me
    How to continue journey
    Without stopping and tiring
    O clouds teach me
    How to fly high
    With mind so free and fair
    Without any worry and care
    O sun teach me
    How to live life so disciplined
    And serve all equally without biased
    O water teach me 
    How to get mingle
    With one and all
    And sing jingle
    In hilly areas and jungle
    O moon teach me
    How to remain cool
    And wait patiently for happy days
    Guide others on their ways
    O trees teach me
    How to bear sun and rain
    And provide shade and shelter
    Without any complain

    Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd


O Beautiful Butterfly…



Beautiful, beautiful
Purple, violet, red
Spotted and varied
Butterfly, butterfly
Little Rishu does say
Come and play
Butterfly, butterfly
Like you 
I want to fly 
Very, very high
And view 
Beautiful flowers
And playing kids
Who oft skids
While running
Playing in the garden
O beautiful butterfly
Come and take me high
High above in the sky
O my sweet butterfly, butterfly

Shashikant Nishant Sharma

O My Grandmother…



O my grandmother
Sweet like sugar
You are great
You taught me alphabet
How to write
With pen on paper white
You taught me later
How to do things right
You made me bold 
To pronounce the word
You took me to school
You are so nice and cool
I played more
Learnt little
You used to wait
Sitting on the stool
Till my class ended
You cared me
Whenever I got wounded
You taught me every little thing
Like an experienced teacher
You guided me to learn
From the things of world
New and old
No one is far better
Than you 
O my grandmother

Shashikant Nishant Sharma

O Beautiful Lady…

O beautiful eyed lady
With these beautiful eyes
For whom you are waiting
And at the way looking
Looking for your lover
The man will be fortunate
You are part of whose fate
You are so comely and so cute
You have grace
So charming face
God has molded you in the best way
On seeing you anybody will say
O beautiful lady 
For who are you ready
Ready to accompany

Shashikant Nishant Sharma ‘साहिल’
==========©SNS==18 August 2004

Crowd of Clouds…

In the blue sky
I saw clouds fly
And I saw
Many figures carved out
Some resembled elephant
Some resembled palaces
And some giant faces
Some were like hills
The cluster of many a cloud
Shining bright and thundering loud
With joys, it fills
And food for my imagination
And source of inspiration
For poet, painter and writer
Who sketches there figures
Who is this mysterious painter
Living in the abode of cloud
And hiding from the crowd
Of people on the Earth
Smiling with mirth

Shashikant Nishant Sharma

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