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Why Electronics Never Seem to Have Enough Storage

Thanks to technology, people enjoy the utility of a wide range of electronic devices, starting from powerful PCs to easily accessible and cheap smartphones. Zhejiang Jieda Technology is good place to get the best of technology solutions for your company.

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The common thread among these electronic devices is that they all require virtual or physical storage to operate. And some of the most common problems with these devices also involve this particular issue.

If you own multiple electronic devices and constantly ask yourself why your devices always seem to run out of storage space, here are some of the most common culprits responsible!

Continuous Download of Applications and Programs

While most electronic devices are subject to downloads, PC and laptop users are more likely to continuously download multiple programs and multimedia files like movies, songs, video games, and more. Considering the download speeds and spaciousness of an empty storage drive, users often fall into the trap of downloading files intended for future use.

Phone users are also prone to frequently downloading stuff, but not on the same level as PC and desktop users due to the lower capacity storage space of smartphones, tablets, and other smart devices. Keeping your download habits in check is the best solution to this problem.

Infection of Electronic Device by Viruses

Since the beginning of computers, viruses and malware have been around and are here to say for the foreseeable future. Storage devices are the primary targets of these viruses and malware since important data and files are stored there. Viruses and malware can affect hard disks and other storage devices in various ways, starting from slowing it down to corrupting parts of it.

Not depending on the default antivirus software that accompanies operating systems is a smart idea. Check the offerings from some of the most dependable antivirus solution providers such as Norton, Kaspersky, Avira, and more to find one suitable for your device’s physical and virtual storage. Most of them offer trial runs for you to evaluate whether it’s a good fit for your device and needs.

Auto-update of Apps and Programs

Modern operating systems, apps, and programs depend on continual updates to function correctly, which unfortunately results in increasing folder sizes as time goes on. This happens so subtly that most users don’t tend to even realize it, especially with smartphones. This can leave you at a loss when installing new files or programs. 

The easiest way to counteract this problem is to turn off all updates and manually update your OS and programs as you see fit. In all honesty, keeping your storage device free of unused or unnecessary devices can be the best solution to minimize update and storage issues.

Absence of External Storage Facility

The absence of external storage of data for an electronic device can result in an unnecessary clogging of its memory and the consequent reduction in the device’s storage space. A couple of years back, PC and laptop users had a general trend to buy external hard drives to store secondary files and documents. But these days, the practice has fallen out of favor.

Buying an external hard drive is not the only solution to keep your storage drive decluttered and at optimal efficiency. You can also store your valuable files and information in cloud storage drives offered by many digital market leaders like Google, Dropbox, and more. These cloud services offer free trials or limited free usage, making them useful even if you don’t pay for full versions.

Lack of Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance is necessary to fix the underlying issues plaguing a device, no matter how big or small. The reduction of storage spaces could result from any of those mentioned above. The straightforward approach to mitigating such circumstances is contacting an expert. If you think your device needs an in-depth checkup, you can search for a computer repair shop near you online.

If not, you should learn the basics of routine storage device maintenance, especially for computers and laptops. You can’t tinker much with smartphones, but desktops and laptops storage drives can be optimized, tweaked, and modified by users with little risk of damaging the OS or the storage device by itself. 

Now You Know What To Do

Now that you know all the major culprits responsible for eating up all the storage drive space for your electronic devices, you should now have an easier time maintaining and optimizing your device hard drives. Note that your storage drives will end up getting filled over time despite your best efforts. But by taking the proper precautions, you can significantly delay that point in time.



When it comes to controlling immunity and tolerance, CD27 is known to play a vital role. Recently, there has been wide adoption of the Abs immunoregulatory molecules to treat certain diseases like cancers and other related conditions. The CD27 belongs to the superfamily of the tumor necrosis factor receptor. Due to the benefits derived from CD27, immunologists are currently interested in CD27 as a co-stimulatory immune checkpoint. While there are other means employed for targeting drugs to fight cancer in different clinical research, the CD27 remains a major target.

What is CD27?

As said earlier, CD27 belongs to the superfamily of the tumor necrosis factor receptor. However, the protein encoded by the gene belongs to the superfamily Tnf-receptor as a member. To generate and maintain T cell immunity, there is a need for this receptor in the long run. They are useful for binding to ligand CD70. They, however, carry out important functions when it comes to the regulation of activation of B-cell, including immunoglobulin synthesis. CD27, also known as T14, LPFS2, or S152, covert the signals that result in activating NF-KappaB and MAPK8/JNK. 

When it comes to diverse immunological processes, this receptor plays an important part. Also, the receptor has a role to play in the T cells effector, activation and survival, proliferation, and cytotoxic natural killer activities (NK) cells. CD27 receptor has unique characteristics, and that is, it can constitutively express itself even at a significant level of most T cells. They also have the same feature when it comes to naïve T cells. To translate these research work into applications for clinical use in the future, researchers established a fully composed of human antibodies specific for the CD27 by mice immunization. It was a genetic modification for the expression of human immunoglobulins with the extracellular human CD27 domain.

The monoclonal antibodies panel passed through screening by different binding and functional assays. This, however, resulted in choosing a lead IgG1 antibody, known as clone 1F5. There is a high exhibition of affinity from this antibody for CD27 variants for both human and macaque, binding to the expression of this TNFRSF member on the cell surface. This, however, blocks the binding of CD70, which may be indicating that 1F5 may also bind to (or even closer to) CD27’s ligand-binding site. 

For Vivo studies performance based on the 1F5 antibody, researchers generated transgenic mice with human CD27 (hCD27-Tg) expression. This was done through a bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) with the whole CD27-coding gene, including the promoter of presumed upstream. There was backcrossing of the hCD27-Tg mice to various strains, and expression of the transgene was characterized largely. 

Throughout the world, the pattern of human CD27 transgenic mice, whether they are in steady-state conditions or the state of immune responses, provides a kind of suggestion. They suggest that the hCD27-Tg transgene mice have an expression and regulation in a way that has consistency with the CD27 biology. The mouse affinity CD70 for human CD27 relates to the human CD70. This, however, indicates that interaction can of natural CD70-CD27 take place in hCD27-Tg mice.

Agonist Antibody

The demonstration of the agonistic activity of the 1F5 antibody took place in vitro with the use of either hCD27-Tg or human T-cells derived from mice. Particularly, 1F5 showed that it increases the proliferation and cytokine expression of CD4+ and CD8+ cells exposed to suboptimal amounts of anti-CD3 antibodies. However, this was observed only when there was a crosslink of the 1F5 with antihuman IgGs or bound to the microtiter plate. The provision of 1F5 in the solution or crosslinking 1F5 with no T-cell receptor (TCR) stimulation led to no activation of T-cell. However, 1F5 seems to lack the power to trigger a likely dangerous Polyclonal T-cell activation as co-stimulatory superagonists do, such as Cd28-specific antibodies. 

The CD27 pathway

Having explained earlier that CD27 is a member of the subgroup of T-cell co-stimulatory TRAFs, they communicate the receptors of TNFSF. Also, they are responsible for the activation of the signaling pathway that leads to the activation of transcription factors of the NFκB family and MAP kinases. When these pathways are activated, these receptors will help to improve cellular proliferation, including the apoptotic protein expression. The activation of CD27 during this process will employ the TNF receptor connected to factor-2 (TRAF2) and maybe, TRAF5 and/or NFκB inducing kinase (NIK) to CD27.

There has been a development of monoclonal antibody which functions as anti CD27, 1F5 that has shown to activate the hCD27-Tg mouse T cells in the TCR stimulation context. However, 1F5 can be very effective being a part of combinatorial Immuno(chemo) therapeutic regimens. According to the data from CD27-deficient mice, there were indications that there may be enhancement of the immunosuppressive activity of regulatory T-cell by stimulation. Hence, there will be a promotion of tumor growth. 


Suggestions and evidence have currently revealed that animal models and the human disease pathway of CD27-CD70 are great contributors to the pathophysiology of autoimmunity. Although many questions about this remain unanswered, the available research and findings point out that a target on the components of this pathway can be helpful when it comes to providing useful and therapeutic needs. 

Who is the best font generator in the world

Heat Feed is a free online font generator that lets you generate gorgeous and cool Heat Feed is a free online font generator that lets you generate gorgeous and cool fancy fonts without having to install any software. This font generator provides the most elegant, distinct, and cool font styles for you to copy and paste into your Instagram bio, Facebook post/comments, Twitter tweets, text or word documents, and anywhere else you can insert text.


Because of its simple and elegant user interface, the HeatFeed font generator is one of the most popular font copy and paste websites in the world. fancy fonts without having to install any software. This font generator provides the most elegant, distinct, and cool font styles for you to copy and paste into your Instagram bio, Facebook post/comments, Twitter tweets, text or word documents, and anywhere else you can insert text.

Unicode Font

Because the beautiful fonts “”  employ ASCII and Unicode characters, they are compatible with all major devices, programs, and files. There are literally hundreds of Unicode characters and symbols to choose from, and the font generator behind the curtain is using some of them to create the appealing Unicode font. You may make a lovely font by going to the Unicode website and painstakingly entering Unicode characters one by one. However, you are well aware that it is a lengthy and difficult process.

You may make a lovely font by going to the Unicode website and painstakingly entering in Unicode characters one by one. However, you are well aware that it is a lengthy and exhausting process. Font generator automates the time-consuming process of designing exquisite typefaces one character at a time, allowing you to create your own custom font. Bold font generators, cursive font generators, roman font generators, strikethrough font generators, bubble font generators, and small font generators are just a few of the HeatFeed font generators.

How can I copy and paste fonts using this font generator?

It’s an easy process to use this web site’s copy and paste font generator from Simply copy and paste the typeface or text onto your social media account or any other online platform; here’s how:

  • Now go to the copy and paste font generator’s website and paste the text you want to change.
  • Because it’s generated automatically, it’s fantastic and excellent. Small, sleek, and adorable fonts.
  • Copy the text fonts you need from the copy-paste tool now.
  • Simply paste the copied text into the desired spot, and you’re done.

The Benefits of the HeatFeed Font Generator

  • Create a social media profile that stands out: The main objective of this font generator is to let you add appealing and beautiful text fonts to your social media profiles such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others.
  • Recruit more Social Media supporters: Using these interesting fonts on your profile will help it stand out in a crowd, getting more attention.
  • Make it easy for customers to recall you and your brand by implementing the following strategies: You can improve the look of your social media profiles by using attractive fonts from our website, drawing a larger audience and so helping you and your brand get more visibility.

To create these texts, simply follow the simple procedures below.

  • Step 1: Simply type standard text into the generating text box to get a fancy text.
  • Step2: When you click on the appropriate text, the automatic tool will copy it to your clipboard.
  • Step3: Use this fancy font on any social networking platform, such as Facebook for posting, bios, and comments, Twitter for tweeting and profiling, Instagram for stories, captions, comments, and bios, and so on.

If you’re on a mobile device, you’ll notice a small type box on the left side of the main window. You can quickly navigate, and you may resize the font for easier viewing.

Physical Hardware: Every Business’ Cybersecurity Blind Spot

2021 has been a busy year for hackers, with data breaches worldwide now costing an average of £3.03 million per incident. One of the reasons for this dramatic increase is the rapid shift to cloud-based activities to accommodate remote working.

Fortunately, AI and automation are thwarting the surge in cybersecurity threats. However, the pace in which digitisation across industries is happening means that there may be weaknesses in your network infrastructure, particularly in cybersecurity practices that focus on physical hardware — including storage devices, printed circuit boards (PCB), and tap access points, to name but a few. Hardware is actually a huge cybersecurity blind spot.

Why is physical hardware the biggest blind spot in cybersecurity?

A major factor that makes physical hardware more vulnerable to cybersecurity threats than software is that hardware programming is ‘uneditable’. This means that because PCB layouts are permanent once they leave the factory, any vulnerabilities found in its hardware can no longer be patched.

Another way that hardware becomes a blind spot is through a company’s use of AI for cybersecurity. The zero-trust model assumes a breach in all scenarios, so factors like encryption are needed to ensure security. However, AI systems constantly require access to large amounts of data, some of which can be accessed on your company’s hardware. A zero-trust model can work well with applications and production-ready AI models, but training AI cybersecurity systems means you’re sacrificing some of your security.

How can businesses protect themselves from hardware breaches?

The first step to avoiding hardware breaches is to secure your hardware because a stolen device can lead to an attack on the company’s network and other connected devices when in the wrong hands. The best thing you can do is keep them in a space where only a select number of trusted employees can enter. You should also install a ‘find my device’ software application on everything so they can be quickly located in case they do get stolen. More importantly, you should source your hardware from trustworthy and credible suppliers.

Another thing you should be careful about is how you dispose of your physical hardware — every device has residual data or configuration information that can be a security threat to your company. Before throwing them away, you should wipe the information rather than just deleting them, as this supposedly deleted data can still be recovered using special software or hardware. If you intend to recycle a device, you can wipe it with data destruction software. But if you’re set on throwing it away, physically destroying it is an option, too.

For threats that involve both hardware and software, you can detect post-exploitation attacks using solutions like EDR (endpoint detection and response). Attacks typically don’t contain signatures, and the best ones can even evade security tools. EDR can give you post exploit visibility, which lets you look for active threats that are currently lurking in your system. This can help your IT team immediately respond before anything is compromised.

Threats to physical hardware aren’t as talked about as threats to software or the cloud. While you should understand the basics, you should also hire a capable IT manager to help you build a team of IT professionals who can address these threats for you.

VPN Users Appreciates Rapidly During Important World Events

A virtual private network (VPN) is a computer network that uses the internet to provide secure access to shared resources. It acts as an intermediary between your other devices and the websites you want to visit.

Most of us are familiar with public, or open, networks at home, work or in our favourite coffee shop. These are networks that are open to anyone within physical proximity.

The Venezuelan government has cut off access to web pages that are critical of the Maduro administration during the recent demonstrations.

According to the VPN Testing website, many people have no idea what a VPN is or why it’s so important nowadays. A VPN service allows you to create an encrypted connection between your computer or phone (read here) and a server in another country, which will allow users to appear as if they are accessing the internet from that location. 

The reason people use VPNs can be for any number of purposes, but most commonly it’s because they want to gain access to services that may not be available in their home countries due to geographical restrictions, censorship laws etc…

It could also be for someone who wants more privacy while browsing the web, as their ISP will not be able to monitor the websites they are visiting.

VPNs should also work if your country experiences service disruptions during times of national emergencies or natural disasters.

After the terror attack in London on 22nd March 2017, which killed 5 people and injured 44 more, there was a 50% increase in new users signing up for Express VPN (a major provider). Express VPN’s Twitter account confirmed that their website went down shortly after an initial spike in traffic following the news of the attacks.

 After US President Donald Trump ordered airstrikes on Syria in April 2017 due to alleged chemical weapon use by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, NordVPN saw major increase inactivity. The CEO of the company reported that there were 10x more searches for VPNs than usual on Google. Express VPN also saw an increase in new signups, with people specifically looking for solutions to unblock American television online outside the USA.

When France won the Football World Cup in Russia in July 2018, searches for VPN services rose by 55%.

It may seem strange to use a product like this during significant world events, if you value your privacy and security so much then surely you would avoid recording devices altogether? However, when put into context it’s completely understandable why people turn to VPNs during these times.

A lot of foreign broadcasters are currently providing live coverage of the Venezuelan protests on air, and a VPN will allow citizens to circumvent the government blocking of these sites. This is not a new phenomenon anymore, people will use a VPN during events like this because they know it’s going to be blocked. If the Venezuelan protesters had access to a tool like this from the beginning then they probably wouldn’t be where they are today.

In fact, there was a huge demand for VPNs in Egypt before 2011 when Hosni Mubarak attempted to stifle internet activity during Arab Spring protests. People wanted to get around censorship laws and check on their friends and families who were taking part in demonstrations against the Mubarak regime.

As we have seen above, using a VPN can greatly increase your chances of evading censorship laws that certain countries may impose during times of emergency. People need these services to maintain their freedom of expression, and VPNs are the only tools that allow them to do this.

Aqualix: for the Sake of Harmony

Perhaps almost every woman wants to correct her figure at least a little, but extra centimeters in certain places are often simply not exposed to any effect. They make it difficult to wear your favorite outfits and go to the beach without embarrassment. It is for such problem areas that the Aqualyx intralipotherapy technology has been developed – this non-surgical technique allows you to achieve ideal proportions and graceful lines of the figure without much sacrifice.

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Where do fat deposits come from? How can Aqualyx intralipotherapy get rid of them?

The fatty acids supplied with food can either go to the production of energy for the vital functions of the body, or they go to the formation of subcutaneous fat, the so-called “depot”. It is stored in “fat traps”, which are different for everyone – usually the belly, breeches, inner thighs, and so on. In these cases, intralipotherapy is used. This procedure can be done anywhere on the body, including the face, with the exception of the eyelids. The method is an injection into specific places with the introduction of a special composition that breaks down fat deposits and removes the contents of fat cells, which are transported to the liver and then processed.

What drug is being administered?

“Aqualix” is not just a special medicinal composition, but also a developed injection technique for an effective effect on fat deposits. Injections are made shallow, which provides almost painless penetration into the subcutaneous fat. The patented formula “Aqualix” contains an active lipolytic compound, a three-dimensional polymer of galactose and a small dose of lidocaine. All components of “Aqualix” are hypoallergenic and biologically compatible with the human body. Lipolytic cocktail helps to destroy the membrane of fat cells, the polymer acts like a sponge, removing drugs from the body along with fat, and lidocaine helps to relieve pain.

Does Aqualix have contraindications?

There are several obvious contraindications for lipotherapy: 

  • Obesity; 
  • pregnancy and lactation; 
  • infectious diseases; 
  • liver and heart pathologies; 
  • autoimmune diseases. 

It should be understood that Aqualix is not intended to get rid of large volumes of subcutaneous fat – therefore, in case of obesity, when the body mass index exceeds 30, the procedure will be simply useless. In such cases, it is recommended to undergo a course of treatment with a nutritionist, after which you can carry out cosmetic procedures, including Aqualix.

How does the Aqualix lipotherapy procedure take place?

First, the patient must be examined and tested so that the doctor knows about the state of health, allergic reactions, possible contraindications of the patient and how his body is able to effectively cope with the process of removing fat. You should also know the aqualyx price. No preparation is required before lipotherapy, the procedure itself lasts about 30 minutes, depending on the area to be treated. After that, the patient can go home. In one session, you can make injections at once in several places – for example, thighs and abdomen or chin and breeches. If the examination is done correctly, and intralipotherapy is performed correctly, the process will be almost painless, and Aqualix will be easily and unnoticed.

Intralipotherapy “Aqualix” is enough to do once a month, and the number of procedures varies from four to eight. Therefore, in comparison, for example, with mesotherapy, which requires much more frequent visits to the doctor, “Aqualix” is more convenient and profitable. In addition, Aqualix does not require long rehabilitation and, provided the doctor is highly qualified, minimizes trauma.

Top Reasons Building A Career In Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is all about protecting the digital environment or platform from cyberattacks and cybercriminals by protecting the data and its integrity. Data is the new oil. And it’s the responsibility of a company to protect the data it creates or stores. Losing the data to criminals will tarnish the reputation of a company in front of its customers. So in this digital time, it’s of primary concern to protect the sensitive data and prevent being accessed without authorization. So here, we will discuss the top reasons for building a career in Cyber Security. 

Excellent job prospects

Cyber Security jobs showcase some of the best prospects out of all IT jobs. Cybersecurity demands qualified professionals all the time. With all the emerging technologies like IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc., making their way to the mainstream poses security issues. 

With cybercriminals taking every other way to attack and breach their victim’s security protocols to steal data. The addition of new technologies creates even more point-of-attack regions to compromise the security to gain an advantage. This situation fuels the need for ever more security personnel working to ensure that the security of an organization remains intact. Cybersecurity professionals are and will be in high demand for the foreseeable future because technologies keep emerging, and so do security issues. 

Lots of opportunities for entry-level positions

Cybersecurity domains have lots of opportunities for entry-level jobs. Entry-level posts like Information Analyst keep growing at a tremendous rate and offer a decent salary, according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The same organizations estimated that Information Security Analysts’ jobs will grow at a rate of 28% by 2026. All the other jobs in the IT domain are growing at an average rate of 7%. Take up the Intellipaat Cyber Security course to help you master the domain and tools from scratch. 

Good upward mobility in career

The upward mobility in career, meaning the potential of growing to senior roles managing things in the job is far better in this domain than others. With more opportunities for managerial positions, you can bag these opportunities with better communication skills and an eye for security culture. 

Good payroll

The payroll or salary is good, for even entry-level posts like Information Security Analyst. According to, Information Security Analysts earn an average salary of INR 5.7 LPA plus in India. This figure varies with skills, profile, job location, the company working for, work experience, etc. 

When compared to all the other professions, cybersecurity professionals earn more, and they have the job security in place which no domain has. Each year the median salary is growing, indicating that career growth is happening and the demand is growing at a faster rate. Many organizations and industry experts have confirmed this trend. 

Opportunity to learn new things daily

Cybersecurity is the perfect domain if you are looking for learning and updating yourself for challenges daily. Cybersecurity, as we have discussed earlier, is all about avoiding any attacks on digital platforms, protecting data, and keeping its integrity. 

So as a Cybersecurity professional, you must always be learning newer tactics that many leading ethical hackers are implementing to secure their platform, understand the tools, techniques, and methods used by hackers or cybercriminals to conduct a breach or steal sensitive data from a protected environment. 

You must learn a famous criminal group’s modus operandi. To understand what they look for, what are the different loopholes, which tool they use, how they attack, and more importantly, how they can be prevented and trapped. It is the only way to advance in your career, that is to keep learning. With each new concept and method, you are ensuring the security of your organization, firm, company, or enterprise that you are working for. Read Cyber Security tutorials to read and learn more aspects of the domain. 

Your work is credible and adds value.

It is another reason that Cybersecurity attracts many professionals for the value it adds to an organization’s reputation and value. Many security professionals work in this domain with pride for the matter that they add value each day other than earning a good salary. 

Apart from working for enterprises, organizations, or companies, these security professionals also keep the privacy of customers and consumers like us safe and secure so that we don’t become a victim to cybercriminals that could take advantage of our helplessness and carelessness. 

Highly motivating and interesting career

Cybersecurity is also one of the domains that are rated as highly motivating and interesting to work in. Many professionals cited their compensation, incentives, daily challenges, value addition, high job satisfaction, and many more as the reasons why they stick to this career. 

It is the domain for you if you love problem-solving, enjoy a challenge that has real-life consequences, and if you are a person who is okay with lifelong learning. 

2022: Why are people switching to digital schools?

– Sonia Sharma

We live in the postmodern digital age. Most of us get every information at the speed of light with a simple tap of buttons. People can’t even wait for a website to load after 3 seconds. Any longer than that, we just close the link and move on to a faster website! With that, education is at our fingertips and everyone around the world is embracing the digital education system. COVID and extreme climates have opened new possibilities for students and institutes. They find it way more comforting and fruitful to indulge in digital schools, online coaching, and distance learning degrees. But more than comfort, online learning is a blessing in disguise. There is more to it than you know right now.

Here are a couple of reasons why digital schools are the next big thing for students! You would be surprised to know!

  • Grow skilled and brighter

When children are tech-smart, they develop multiple skill-sets. From self-learning to practice and technology advancement, everything leads to their future growth- personal and professional. They can even manage, plan and organize things smartly and swiftly! Most things are soon going to shift completely online.

  • Learn self-development

In a digital education system, students learn discipline but in a very fun way! They become more active, fearless and curious in an online class. Often, students find ways to interact with their classmates and teachers without facing the fear of face-to-face interaction. Eventually, the fear vanishes, and children can easily communicate offline within a group, out in the world, and exchange knowledge. Students do their own research to complete the tasks and view the calendars or notifications to submit them on time.

  • Rich, easier and fun curriculum

Conventional black, white, and green boards are no longer the only medium of teaching. There is a lot of interesting and fun content prepared and used in a digital school. Learners can save digital assets, like notes, class recordings, drafts, links, presentations, e-books, and videos! Online quiz and answer gardens are one of the most engaging and entertaining activities in digital schools.

  • Authentic experience

Every activity happening in the school is digitally stored, including the classrooms. Students, teachers and parents can always verify and re-visit to clarify the facts. Students don’t have to take leave each time they fall in the football ground. Your kid can sit in his/her bed or study table, drink a cup of warm milk and continue attending school without missing a class. Even if they miss a class, they can always log in to access the class later.

  • Career-oriented education

With this online shift, digital education systems focus on providing technology-based skill sets and career-focused education. They help to brush up the interpersonal and professional skills on a global level. From language learning apps to software development training, students develop their skills earlier than conventional methods. In an offline school, they may only get one or two days in a month to visit the computer lab for a hands-on experience.

  • Road to savings and sustainable living

Digital schools save a lot of time, fuel and effort that we waste on uniforms, transport, cooking, buying books and stationery. Thousands of bucks are saved from your pockets and significant air pollution is avoided.

  • Parents are updated

The digital education system is a blessing for parents as well. There is no need to worry about your child’s progress. To check if your child is doing well in school, you can always communicate with the staff and log onto the parents’ portal. You can exchange advice and information via video calls with the teachers. You can always view their progress reports and grades in your portal.

Isn’t this a wonderful promising venture? Reduced chances of boredom and mischief, increased student development and global opportunities at your fingertips! A revolution like this in the education system was long due.


Technology affects people all over the world. Advances in technology have made our countries safer and our lives easier, they have also negatively affected our lives. Technology have brought us online banking, smart cars, smart TVs, lightning fast computers, and the virtual reality. Also there include cyber warfare, hackers, identity theft, cyber stalking, and a host of other bad things.

The society has been changed with the evolution of technology. Life was burdensome and everyday chores consumed too much of our time, before the advent of modern day technology. The access to education, medicine, industry, transportation etc. has been simplified due to development in modern day technology. Due to the convenience and efficiency provided by technology, our lives have improved. Information technology give a new face to traditional libraries that include both digital collections and traditional, fixed media collections. We know that traditional libraries are limited by its storage space, but the digital information requires little space to contain information, so digital libraries have the potential to store more documents. The use of information technology in digital libraries that will increase the number of users and increased the expectations of the users.

Technology has also brought about efficiency and quality in the manufacturing sector. Technological advancement has reduced the risk. Development is closely related with technology and the stage of development the human being has arrived could have been possible without the advancement in technology.

Agriculture, industry, profession, health, education, art, political processes, recreation, religious activities and daily life activities all are under the influence of technology now. There are some modern technological developments that play a major role in making our daily life more effective. Television is also good servant, it’s considered as the cheapest source of information and entertainment nowadays. Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going whether forwards or backwards as well. It has enable Us to increase our comfort and to achieve efficiency in all sectors of life .We can’t achieve any progress or development, without technology. We can modernize our industry so life becomes easier for us and next generations through the developed technologies. 

Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Information Technology Sector

Artificial Intelligence has become the keyword which defines the future and everything that it holds. Not only has Artificial Intelligence taken over traditional methods of computing, but it has also changed the way industries perform. From modernizing healthcare and finance streams to research and manufacturing, everything has changed in the blink of an eye.

Through the use of algorithms and computer-based training, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can effectively be used to create expert systems that will exhibit intelligent behavior, provide solutions to complicated problems, and further help to develop stimulations equivalent to human intelligence within

Building Secure Systems:
Data security is of the utmost importance when it comes to securing confidential data. Government organizations, as well as private organizations, store tons of customer, strategic, and other forms of data, which need to be secured at all times. Through the use of algorithms, Artificial Intelligence can provide the necessary security and help to create a layered security system which enables a high-security layer within these systems. Through the use of advanced algorithms, Artificial Intelligence helps identify potential threats and data breaches, while also providing the necessary provisions and solutions to avoid such loopholes.

Improved Productivity:
Artificial Intelligence uses a series of algorithms, which can be applied directly to aid programmers when it comes to writing better code and overcoming software bugs. Artificial Intelligence has been developed to provide suggestions for coding purposes, which increase efficiency, enhance productivity, and provide clean, bug-free code for developers. By judging the structure of the code, AI can provide useful suggestions, which can improve the productivity and help to cut downtime during the production stage.

Automating Processes:
The benefit of automation is that almost every piece of work can be done without human intervention. Through the use of deep learning applications, organizations can go a long way in automating backend processes, which help enable cost savings and reduce human intervention. AI enabled methods improve over time as the algorithms adjust to enhance productivity and learn from mistakes.

Application Deployment:
Deployment control entails various stages during software development, which means that the software versioning control is a beneficial and vital role during the deployment stage. Since Artificial Intelligence is all about predicting issues, it can be a useful and integral tool in predicting problems during the versioning stage, which can be overcome, without any hiccups; this also helps overcome issues as they arise, and developers don’t have to wait until the last stage to improve the application’s performance.

Quality Assurance
Quality assurance is all about ensuring the right tools are used in the software development cycle. Simply put, by using Artificial Intelligence methodologies, developers can use AI tools to fix bugs and issues within the applications, and adjust them automatically during development cycles. Tools like “Bugspots” can be used effectively to ensure all software bugs are eliminated, and all possible gaps are plugged, without human intervention.

Server Optimization
Often, the hosting server is bombarded with millions of requests on a day to day basis. The server, in turn, is required to open web pages which are being requested by the users. Due to the continuous inflow of requests, servers can often become unresponsive and end up slowing down in the long run. AI, as a service, can help optimize the host server to improve customer service and enhance operations. As IT needs progress, Artificial Intelligence will be increasingly used to integrate IT staffing demands and provide seamless integration of the current business functions with technological functions.

Artificial Intelligence has helped developers broaden their horizons and carry out operations which were otherwise considered impossible. Developers have seen a rapid change in software development, architectural planning, and even driving quality assurance; this automation has further led to the useful enhancement of application development, making it an instant hit with developers and organizations at large.

Advantages of artificial intelligence

1) Reduction in Human Error:

The phrase “human error” was born because humans make mistakes from time to time. Computers, however, do not make these mistakes if they are programmed properly. With Artificial intelligence, the decisions are taken from the previously gathered information applying a certain set of algorithms. So errors are reduced and the chance of reaching accuracy with a greater degree of precision is a possibility.

Example: In Weather Forecasting using AI they have reduced the majority of human error.

2) Takes risks instead of Humans:

This is one of the biggest advantages of Artificial intelligence. We can overcome many risky limitations of humans by developing an AI Robot which in turn can do the risky things for us. Let it be going to mars, defuse a bomb, explore the deepest parts of oceans, mining for coal and oil, it can be used effectively in any kind of natural or man-made disasters.

Example: Have you heard about the Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion in Ukraine? At that time there were no AI-powered robots that can help us to minimize the effect of radiation by controlling the fire in early stages, as any human went close to the core was dead in a matter of minutes. They eventually poured sand and boron from helicopters from a mere distance.

AI Robots can be used in such situations where intervention can be hazardous.

3) Available 24×7:

An Average human will work for 4–6 hours a day excluding the breaks. Humans are built in such a way to get some time out for refreshing themselves and get ready for a new day of work and they even have weekly offed to stay intact with their work-life and personal life. But using AI we can make machines work 24×7 without any breaks and they don’t even get bored, unlike humans.

Example: Educational Institutes and Helpline centers are getting many queries and issues which can be handled effectively using AI.

4) Helping in Repetitive Jobs:

In our day-to-day work, we will be performing many repetitive works like sending a thanking mail, verifying certain documents for errors and many more things. Using artificial intelligence we can productively automate these mundane tasks and can even remove “boring” tasks for humans and free them up to be increasingly creative.

Example: In banks, we often see many verifications of documents to get a loan which is a repetitive task for the owner of the bank. Using AI Cognitive Automation the owner can speed up the process of verifying the documents by which both the customers and the owner will be benefited.

5) Digital Assistance:

Some of the highly advanced organizations use digital assistants to interact with users which saves the need for human resources. The digital assistants also used in many websites to provide things that users want. We can chat with them about what we are looking for. Some chatbots are designed in such a way that it’s become hard to determine that we’re chatting with a chatbot or a human being.

Example: We all know that organizations have a customer support team that needs to clarify the doubts and queries of the customers. Using AI the organizations can set up a Voice bot or Chatbot which can help customers with all their queries. We can see many organizations already started using them on their websites and mobile applications.

6) Faster Decisions:

Using AI alongside other technologies we can make machines take decisions faster than a human and carry out actions quicker. While taking a decision human will analyze many factors both emotionally and practically but AI-powered machine works on what it is programmed and delivers the results in a faster way.

Example: We all have played Chess games in Windows. It is nearly impossible to beat CPU in the hard mode because of the AI behind that game. It will take the best possible step in a very short time according to the algorithms used behind it.

7) Daily Applications:

Daily applications such as Apple’s Siri, Window’s Cortana, Google’s OK Google are frequently used in our daily routine whether it is for searching a location, taking a selfie, making a phone call, replying to a mail and many more.

Example: Around 20 years ago, when we are planning to go somewhere we used to ask a person who already went there for the directions. But now all we have to do is say “OK Google where is Visakhapatnam”. It will show you Visakhapatnam’s location on google map and the best path between you and Visakhapatnam.

8) New Inventions:

AI is powering many inventions in almost every domain which will help humans solve the majority of complex problems.

Example: Recently doctors can predict breast cancer in the woman at earlier stages using advanced AI-based technologies.

Disadvantages of artificial intelligence

1) High Costs of Creation:

As AI is updating every day the hardware and software need to get updated with time to meet the latest requirements. Machines need repairing and maintenance which need plenty of costs. It’ s creation requires huge costs as they are very complex machines.

2) Making Humans Lazy:

AI is making humans lazy with its applications automating the majority of the work. Humans tend to get addicted to these inventions which can cause a problem to future generations.

3) Unemployment:

As AI is replacing the majority of the repetitive tasks and other works with robots,human interference is becoming less which will cause a major problem in the employment standards. Every organization is looking to replace the minimum qualified individuals with AI robots which can do similar work with more efficiency.

4) No Emotions:

There is no doubt that machines are much better when it comes to working efficiently but they cannot replace the human connection that makes the team. Machines cannot develop a bond with humans which is an essential attribute when comes to Team Management.

5) Lacking Out of Box Thinking:

Machines can perform only those tasks which they are designed or programmed to do, anything out of that they tend to crash or give irrelevant outputs which could be a major backdrop.


These are some advantages and disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence. Every new invention or breakthrough will have both, but we as humans need to take care of that and use the positive sides of the invention to create a better world. Artificial intelligence has massive potential advantages. The key for humans will ensure the “rise of the robots” doesn’t get out of hand. Some people also say that Artificial intelligence can destroy human civilization if it goes into the wrong hands. But still, none of the AI applications made at that scale that can destroy or enslave humanity.