The Best Place to See All Cryptocurrency Price

Cryptocurrency and blockchain entered our life in 2009, and since then, they are gradually entering probably every field, whether it is logistics, education, finances, etc. Investments in crypto assets are a popular way to generate income due to the high volatility of digital assets. The fact is that cryptocurrency prices do not depend on central banks since they are not issued by banks. In the crypto market, the following rules prevail:

  • The ratio of demand and supply, competition.
  • The number of issued coins or tokens: limited or not.
  • The global economy: inflation level, crisis, etc.
  • The benefits a crypto project brings and its technology.
  • The overall crypto market trend.

Important to note that this is not the entire list of factors affecting cryptocurrency live prices. Analysis of these and other factors helps investors understand if it is worth entering the market now or better to wait.

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Where to Get the Current Cryptocurrency Price?

Many traders use the Coinmarketcap resource to see crypto price fluctuations. Another option to get up-to-date prices is to use one of the largest crypto exchanges. For example, you can use the WhiteBIT platform for that purpose. WhiteBIT provides current rates for all crypto assets supported by the exchange, and there are over 400 pairs. They are growing in number along with the exchange in making new partnerships, welcoming more promising crypto projects to its family.

To see the cryptocurrency live rate, you may enter the “Trade” block and pick the crypto asset you are interested in; the platform will offer you the current rate right away. 

WhiteBIT provides crypto charts where you can see how the asset’s price changed during different periods of time by changing timeframes.

On WhiteBIT, you can take advantage of its native token, WBT and receive a discount on trading fees and additionally access to other interesting and profitable products on the platform. 

The WhiteBIT exchange is a legal service that complies with all regulations and rules in the crypto field.