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freedom of speech and expression

In India, Freedom of Speech And Expression is granted by Article19(1)(a). However, the Constitution of India guarantees all citizens of India the right of freedom of speech and expression. Though under Article 19(2) some restrictions can be imposed for this right under certain purposes. This right includes the right to express one’s views and opinions at any issue through any medium for example by words of mouth, writing, or etc.

On being misused, this right is also subjected to some reasonable restrictions being imposed under the Article 19(2). It is important to note that a restriction on the freedom of speech of any citizens may be placed as much by an action of the State as by its inaction. It is being necessary to maintain and preserve the freedom of speech and expression in a democracy by imposing some of the restrictions as nothing can be absolutely unrestricted. By allowing its citizen to participate with their interest in the social and political process of the country. It is a right which available to only citizens of India and not applicable for foreign nationals. This right allows the Government of India to impose some of the reasonable restrictions on being violated by anyone. This right is the bulwark of democratic government. It is essential for proper functioning of the democratic process. Also there should be proper relationship between the restriction and achievement of public order. It occupies a preferred position in the hierarchy liberties giving support and protection to all other liberties. It is the mother of all liberties. This aspect of the right to freedom of speech and expression increasing the concept of citizenship to include socio-political participation of a person is critical in the process under Article 21 of the Constitution for determining the scope of right to life of a citizen .

In a democracy, freedom of speech and expression allows people for opens up channels of free discussion of issues. Freedom of speech plays a crucial role in the formation of public opinion on social, economic and political matters. The formation of one’s opinion and view point and debates on matters of public concerns embraces the scope of freedom of propagation and interchange of ideas, dissemination of information. However, reasonable restriction can be imposed for certain purposes as provided under the Constitution of India. This right include expressing one’s views and opinions whether it by writing or word of mouth or any medium.

Expression through speech is one of the basic guarantees provided by the society. However, in modern world Right to freedom of speech and expression is not limited to express ones view through words but it also includes expressing the views by writing or audio or visuals or any other communication channel. It also includes right to information, freedom of press, etc. Right to know information and right to speak with freedom is right to self realization. Hence, this right is important for proper functioning of democratic process.

how a bill becomes an act?

A draft legislative proposal which has to pass from various stages before becoming an Act is known as a Bill.

First Reading:

The legislative process starts with the introduction of a Bill in either of the House of Parliament- Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha. It can be only introduced by a Minister or by a Private member. In the former case, it is known as a Government Bill and in the latter case it is known as Private Member’s bill. To introduce a Bill, a member-in-charge of the Bill should ask for a leave. If leave is given by the House, the Bill is introduced. It is known as the First Reading of the Bill. If the motion for leave to introduce a bill is opposed, the speaker may allow a brief explanatory statement to be made by the member who opposes the motion and the member-in-charge who moved the motion. The Speaker may permit a full discussion thereon when a motion for leave to introduce a bill is opposed on the ground that the bill initiates legislation outside the legislative competence of the house. After that the question is put to the vote of the House. However, the motion for leave to introduce a Finance Bill or an Appropriation Bill is immediately put to the vote of the House.

Second Reading:

The second reading consists of consideration of the Bill as further discussed in two stages:

  1. The first stage consists of general discussion on the principle underlying the Bill. At this stage, it is open to the House to refer the Bill to a Select Committee of the two Houses or to circulate it for the purpose of evoking opinion thereon or to straightaway take it into consideration.
  2. The second stage consists of clause-by-clause consideration of the Bill reported by Select/Joint Committee. Discussion takes place on each clause of the Bill and amendments to a clause can be moved at this stage.

Third Reading:

Thereafter, the Member-in-charge can say that the Bill is passed and can move to other House. This further known as the Third Reading of the Bill. At this stage, the debate is being to an arguments either in support or rejection of the Bill without referring to the details. Only formal, verbal or consequential amendments are allowed to be moved at this stage. In passing an ordinary Bill, a simple majority of members voting is necessary. In the case of a bill to amend the Constitution, a majority of total membership of the House with a majority of not less than two-thirds of the Member present in House of Parliament voting is required for each one of them.

After the Bill is passed by one House, it is sent to the other House for an agreement with a message and further it goes through the stages described above, except the introduction stage.

glory of brihadeswara temple

Brihadeswara Temple is temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is located in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India. It was built by Raja Raja Chola I, between 1003 and 1010 A.D. It is the part of UNESCO World Heritage site. The temple entrance, or Gopuram as its is locally called, is 30 meters in height. This temple is the largest temple with the brilliant work done by the Indian Architecture. This temple shows the power of Chola rulers that is Raja Raja Chola I.


For the construction of this temple around 1.3 lakh tons of granite was used. With 66 meters high, the temple tower Vimana is the largest towers on the earth. In 11th Century, Tamil People completed its first major irrigation network for movements of goods, to control water flow and for agriculture. It is also said that about 3000 elephants were used to bring these stones from far away. Also inside the temple a figurine structure of bull or Nandi is made up by a single rock carving at the entry of Brihadeswara Temple. No cement, plaster or adhesives were used between the stones. For making up of this temple Tamil people used puzzle technique as one stone is placed on another stone, to lock it.undefined

Comparison And Specialty

London’s Big Ben and the Leaning Tower of Pisa are tilting with time. But the glory of Brihadeswara temple still remains beautiful. This temple stands straight even after 1000 years. The reason behind this is the base of the temple which is very wide. The width of the base has kept the structure straight over the years. Another specialty of this temple is that it was made without digging into the earth which means it was built on a plain land. There were no cranes or power machinery to lift the stone to such a height. Wondering how they manage to place this single stone on the top of the Gopuram? And for that to the top of the temple tower they made a ramp of around 6 kilometers long. With the help of Elephants, horses, bulls and laborer’s who together carried the stone.


However, it is also a site of annual dance festivals around the Mahashivratri. Around 10 days artists as well as regional teams performs classical dances at this Brahan Natyanjali festival. The Thanjavur Maratha royal family is currently administering and managing the temple glory. For devotees temple provide free meals and wayfarers on daily basis. Also Brahmins were particularly invited and fed with the meals during the Hindu festivals. Many people are employed in the temple for which they are given wages, roles and names. These people mainly are of priests, lamp lighter, washer man, tailors, jewelers, potters, carpenters, dance guru, dancing girls, both male and female singers, musicians, superintendents of performance artists, accountants. Wages are divided between the land distributions. It is one of the most visited temples by tourists in Tamil Nadu. This fascinating architecture is still appreciated by everyone.

“1000 years, 6 Earthquakes, Still Standing Strong.”

New Zealand covid-19 free

During this pandemic situation, getting news that can give little relief in current scenario is worth that can make your day. And yes here it is good news that New Zealand declared itself Covid-19 free on 8th June 2020, Monday. It was declared by the New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. In their recent conference they declare themselves as Covid-19 free.

However, they have also said that New Zealand’s government will lift all the restrictions probably today but the strictness with the border control will not be ease. World Health Organization also praises the New Zealand government over cautious and strict measures over Covid-19. Although being the first country to hit by this pandemic disease, they still manage to overcome from it. Further, the New Zealand Prime Minister also requested people to be safe and keeping the surroundings clean. All the private and public events could resume, government further mentioned. This can only be achieved by the New Zealand government because they have implemented strict restrictions. Due to this 75 days restriction with a strict lockdown almost all the business shut and except essential workers rest have made to stay at home.

With death rate up to 22 and infected up to 1154 according to the Health Ministry, they control the situation more cautiously as well as more appropriately. Borders security will be strictly controlled. Ms. Ardern said that she did a “little dance” when she was told that there are no more active coronavirus cases in New Zealand, while surprising her two-year-old daughter, Neve. The last person who was being monitored now declared as symptom free after being in isolation. Yet, country will be at national alert level-1 from today midnight said by Ardern this Monday.

“Our Collective results I think speak for ourselves. This was what the sacrifice of our team of five million was for- to keep one another for safe and to keep one another well.” – Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand Prime Minister

With this great news our hope for a better lives have come to a great point. We should take our safety as the first priority. Wearing masks and using sanitizer during this pandemic situation is a necessary requirement of one’s for itself. Avoiding the guidelines will only make the situation worse. Let be safe and keep the environment around yourself safe.

guidelines to write an effective blog

Most of the people urge for writing a good blog but somehow fails to do so. This is because either they lack in proper way of writing or lack in valuable content. While writing a blog one should keep in mind that what is the main focus of yours writing a blog. Question yourself about this for getting a good answer. Then find a good heading for it. A good heading will make a blog more effective. Writing a blog is not an easy task until it is not researched properly.

However, firstly one should be cleared about the topic they want to write for. After that getting a good heading for that particular topic will make readers attracted towards your blog is a good way to start. Secondly a good starting will make a good ending. By this I meant that staring line should be a way more attractive or interesting so that readers could generate interest in your blog. Your focus should be clearer with your blog; it should be easily understandable by the readers. Also, your blog should be more realistic as well as more relatable. For making your blog look creative you can use images related to your topic. Not only can this, including links be also effective. Giving an introduction part in the starting paragraph will give the readers a bit about the blog. For writing introduction part one should keep in mind 5WH(what, where, why, whom, when and how) so that the topic should be cleared. Else second paragraph should be a brief summary of the topic. And for third paragraph details can be given accordingly to the topic. In third paragraph using pointers will make the blog more effective and can be easily understand by the readers. And at last conclusion or your views will make a good ending.

A step-by-step guide for writing a good blog as follows:

  1. Your topic should be realistic or relatable to the readers.
  2. Your topic based heading should be attractive so that more and more readers generate their interests.
  3. There should be limited words count as if minimum 500 words or maximum 800 words.
  4. You should know about your targeted audience.
  5. The content language should be easily understandable to the people.
  6. Including images or links will make an effective blog.
  7. Paragraph should be limited (at least 4 paragraphs).
  8. Good use of words will make your blog effective.
  9. It should be plagiarism free.
  10. Quotes if used of any author in your content then you should mention their names as well.


To conclude, an effective blog is that which keeps in mind the focus of their blogs from starting to end. Also by revising your blog after writing it, will help you by finding your grammatical mistakes. If a blog contains grammatical mistakes, then the value of the blog will decrease and will no longer efficient or attractive to the readers. Hence, writing a blog is easier while remembering the above guidelines or points.

Rescuing animals in need

In recent news, there have been a news about an elephant who is pregnant had been died due to drowning into the water according to the reports. But later on when the forest officer narrated the whole incident on social media then the truth came into the light. And when the whole incident got searched properly by the Forest Department in Kerala , they found few people (two or more) in the connection of the death of wild elephant by letting her eating pineapple filled with firecrackers.

This further created a huge outrage among the people demanding for the punishment for those who were accused for this offence. Therefore, rescuing animals is in need. I believe in rescuing animals is most appreciated work one can do as a human being. For that one should also be rewarded. It is the most right thing to do. When we choose to save ones life, we feel like are worth as a human being on this planet. As everyone keeps themselves healthy then why no for animals? They are also the part of this planet and needed to be treated good just like human beings.

Now the question arises why one should rescue animals? So the answer to this will be as follows:

  1. As human beings are being taken care whenever they are feeling like unhealthy, similarly animals being an living creatures also needed to be taken care of.
  2. They also feels and think so why not they should also treated as well.
  3. Like human beings they are also the most beautiful creature on earth.
  4. At last we cannot let the God made things to die without being properly taken care of.

To conclude, animals should also get rescued properly whenever they are in need. As they also need shelter to survive, food for energy, water for living, or etc. Helping those animals who are in need is an enriching experience and hence a personal satisfaction of helping in need.