Rescuing animals in need

In recent news, there have been a news about an elephant who is pregnant had been died due to drowning into the water according to the reports. But later on when the forest officer narrated the whole incident on social media then the truth came into the light. And when the whole incident got searched properly by the Forest Department in Kerala , they found few people (two or more) in the connection of the death of wild elephant by letting her eating pineapple filled with firecrackers.

This further created a huge outrage among the people demanding for the punishment for those who were accused for this offence. Therefore, rescuing animals is in need. I believe in rescuing animals is most appreciated work one can do as a human being. For that one should also be rewarded. It is the most right thing to do. When we choose to save ones life, we feel like are worth as a human being on this planet. As everyone keeps themselves healthy then why no for animals? They are also the part of this planet and needed to be treated good just like human beings.

Now the question arises why one should rescue animals? So the answer to this will be as follows:

  1. As human beings are being taken care whenever they are feeling like unhealthy, similarly animals being an living creatures also needed to be taken care of.
  2. They also feels and think so why not they should also treated as well.
  3. Like human beings they are also the most beautiful creature on earth.
  4. At last we cannot let the God made things to die without being properly taken care of.

To conclude, animals should also get rescued properly whenever they are in need. As they also need shelter to survive, food for energy, water for living, or etc. Helping those animals who are in need is an enriching experience and hence a personal satisfaction of helping in need.