New Zealand covid-19 free

During this pandemic situation, getting news that can give little relief in current scenario is worth that can make your day. And yes here it is good news that New Zealand declared itself Covid-19 free on 8th June 2020, Monday. It was declared by the New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. In their recent conference they declare themselves as Covid-19 free.

However, they have also said that New Zealand’s government will lift all the restrictions probably today but the strictness with the border control will not be ease. World Health Organization also praises the New Zealand government over cautious and strict measures over Covid-19. Although being the first country to hit by this pandemic disease, they still manage to overcome from it. Further, the New Zealand Prime Minister also requested people to be safe and keeping the surroundings clean. All the private and public events could resume, government further mentioned. This can only be achieved by the New Zealand government because they have implemented strict restrictions. Due to this 75 days restriction with a strict lockdown almost all the business shut and except essential workers rest have made to stay at home.

With death rate up to 22 and infected up to 1154 according to the Health Ministry, they control the situation more cautiously as well as more appropriately. Borders security will be strictly controlled. Ms. Ardern said that she did a “little dance” when she was told that there are no more active coronavirus cases in New Zealand, while surprising her two-year-old daughter, Neve. The last person who was being monitored now declared as symptom free after being in isolation. Yet, country will be at national alert level-1 from today midnight said by Ardern this Monday.

“Our Collective results I think speak for ourselves. This was what the sacrifice of our team of five million was for- to keep one another for safe and to keep one another well.” – Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand Prime Minister

With this great news our hope for a better lives have come to a great point. We should take our safety as the first priority. Wearing masks and using sanitizer during this pandemic situation is a necessary requirement of one’s for itself. Avoiding the guidelines will only make the situation worse. Let be safe and keep the environment around yourself safe.