Should Exams be the only Guideline on which students potential should be evaluated?

Exams are conducted to check our knowledge but why there is so much emphasis over the result .How can a piece of paper can decide our future .Over and over we have told by school or by society that the result will give a path to your career.Why’s it always about doing better than other rather than improving ourselves?Due to which it leads to comparison .

Exams are indeed important, it helps students to overcome their nerves. Hence, it helps in developing one’s personality and confidence. Exams are the opportunity to improve ourselves. But exams can’t always tell you the real potential of a student. In today’s world, exams are pills of stress and frustration and indeed it’s true exams doesn’t decide our fate.

Our educational system has so many loopholes.Why is their no practical exposure , indeed it focus on who cram well and score good?

According to National Crime Reports Bureau every hour one student suicide in India . The NCRB data shows that 10,159 students died by suicide in 2018, an increase from 9,905 in 2017, and 9,478 in 2016.India’s has world’s highest suicide rate committed by youth between 15-29.

Most of the students suicide in depression since they not able to perform well in exams.Young people find it difficult to handle failures as they are neither supported by families nor social institutions .India endures an 87% scantiness of mental-health professionals.Universities in India still lack counselling centres, where trained counsellors and psychologists can assist students at the onset of emotional and mental problems.

Failure is just not the end of the life .Why student are not able to cope up with failures?Because we as a society is not able to support them.They have just fail an exams not in their life .They can overcome failure their is always a scope of improvement .

Education system has become a business in India.Despite attending school’s most of students went to coaching institute , tuition’s .Why 6 hours are not enough? Then why institution charging us a massive amount ?They have practicing education as a way of earning money.Rather to share knowledge.

Why there is no focus on extra curriculum subjects music ,sports, drawing why these subjects are not given significance .All field required creativity and so these too. We want youth to upgrade their skills .That’s why exams were introduced.

Exams should be conducted ,but some changes have to be made .Exams should evaluate student on the basis of personal projects,tests, speaking, drama, and other exciting activities where the student should focus more on desire to showcase their talent .We should make student understand they should focus on improving themselves day by day rather to compete for the marks .More projects more the practical exposure more they will become creative .Exams only motive is to measure improvement in themselves so they doesn’t feel inferior .Self-evaluation Exam should be conducted, wherein the student does not feel inferior than other and learns from his or her own mistakes and apply what they have learned in diverse forms.Exams should be given to demonstrate and use what knowledge they have acquired.

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