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Traditional learning can’t be replaced by virtual learning

In such times, Virtual classes are the only practice that can help the student to learn without any deterrent. In such a situation of the pandemic, there is no other alternative for now. Most of the institution has adopted for virtual learning via email, video conference through zoom meeting, google meet, Webex, Microsoft etc which is a great step initiated as of now. But in my opinion, traditional learning cannot be replaced. Since there is no direct interaction between a student and a teacher which cause a lot of distraction. Reason being the teacher cannot ensure the focus of the student. Virtual classes have their own benefit you don’t have to worry about waking up early and one can learn according to their comfort zone. Since a student can study in the comfort of their homes. Virtual classes make us able to watch recorded lectures as many times we want which helps us clear our doubts. Virtual classes save time and money but it cannot provide the environment same like classroom learning. One has to ensure good internet supply and interface but not every student has these facilities. As of now, there is some locale where there is lack of internet services. Class learning doesn’t only make learning easier but it also promotes focus, self-disciplined and punctuality in your life, since one has to wake up early to attend the classes on time. Classroom learning offers direct interaction and helps to upgrade their skills and teach them how to peacefully live in a society. But according to this situation, Virtual learning is really important as of now schools and institutions are shut down. In the situation of global health crisis, it is the only way left so the student can keep social distancing and complete their syllabus on time. Switching learning is great for now since it enables the student to be productive as of now. Both ways have their own pros and cons. In virtual learning, there is a lack of understanding between student and teacher. Classroom learning includes conflict resolving skills, presentation skills it boosts up your confidence in front of peers, develops Leadership skills and teaches them to get along with the student from different cultural backgrounds. Classroom teaching is valuable in shaping their communication skills, listening skills and boosting up their confidence. Students experience social interactions with peers and establish rapport with teachers which help develop socially. Classroom learning enhances the critical thinking skills of students in live group discussion. Teachers can modify their teaching practices based on the observation that student is getting what they are taught i.e. classroom activities and interactions can help learners. At the same time, students can get their doubts clarified immediately which is not in the case of virtual learning. since there is a lot of distraction in virtual classes. As of now, we should be grateful that virtual learning is helping the student to be productive in this crisis. Since in the time of emergency virtual learning is a good alternative to traditional learning but cannot be replaced by traditional learning.Since Classroom learning has certain extra advantages that virtual learning cannot replace.

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