Parents Can Find a Good O-Level Maths Tutor for Their Child

In Singapore, the maths syllabus taught in schools is linked in detail throughout all its levels. For instance, topics taught in JC are just extensions of some basic concepts from O-level or secondary mathematics. Speaking of links, O-level maths basic concepts like speed and differentiation, probability, and percentage are also used and applied to the sciences such as physics and chemistry. But in the long run, maths is a compulsory subject in JC and university, so mastery of O-level maths is vital to building a strong maths foundation for the future. For this, parents can find a quality O level maths tutor to help students overcome learning difficulties and failing grades, the transition from basic to advanced topics, or strengthen the maths foundation.

What parents can expect from an O-level maths tutor

For the first few tutoring sessions, the teaching sessions and maths practices will be targeted towards learning the student’s learning pace and weaknesses and finding ways to help overcome these deficiencies.

As the sessions go on, the maths tutor slowly increases the student’s confidence to understand maths problems given from the classroom lessons and to effectively answer any maths problems. These sessions are reinforced by access to the tutor’s accumulated practice test and exam papers and other learning resources.

Qualified and experienced maths tutors have simple and concise ways to explain any maths concepts and applications, especially when real-world scenarios are involved. As the one-to-one teaching sessions progress, the teaching becomes more personalised based on the student’s learning needs and speed. All this occurs in the comfort and safety of the home, in full view of parents or guardians. As the tutoring progresses, parents will see marked improvements in their children’s maths test scores and grades.

How much is the rate for O Level maths tuition?

The rates for tuition lessons for secondary level maths will greatly depend on the qualifications of the tutor recommended by the agency or selected by the parents, whether a part-time or full-time tutor is preferred, and the location of the home. In Singapore, maths tutoring rates can range from $40 – $95 per hour. Again this is based on the type of tutor parents will select. But normally, once the rates are quoted, there are no additional agency fees.

Parents will get peace of mind with O-level maths tuition

Your children may consider other options for their schooling and future. Some may opt for the Integrated Programme (IP) track. Most will go to the O-level system and JC path, but others may decide not to proceed to JC. But whatever school/career path your children decide on, they still need to take up O-level maths at the secondary level. Everything depends on this continuity that will affect their long-term decision or performance.

Take for example a student who decides not to proceed to JC, so there is no need for any maths continuity. But what if the student suddenly changes his/her mind a month or two just before the scheduled O Level examinations? Whether a student is good at maths or struggling with the subject, this sudden lack of continuity may affect their studies and confidence in taking the exams.

Whatever scenario a student is facing with O-level maths, parents will find the best solution when they get a good O-level maths tutor. O-level maths tuition can provide that continuity and help that any child needs because of the dedicated one-to-one private maths tutor. A highly qualified and experienced tutor, whether part-time or NIE certified and trained, will know the student’s weaknesses, capabilities, and pace, and thus, adjust accordingly. The tutor is more than capable of bringing out the best in any student because of personalised attention.

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