iTop Screen Recorder – A Fantastic Free Screen Recorder

iTop Screen Recorder - A Fantastic Free Screen Recorder

A free Windows screen recording tool called iTop Screen Recorder has just been released, according to iTop. It has no time limit and no watermark. With it, recording any part of the display is greatly feasible.

Additionally, users may encounter frequent problems while using screen recorders, such as a challenging user interface, a noticeable watermark on films, or a relatively short recording time. Some of these issues were resolved and video recording became fluid with iTop Screen Recorder. When users wish to record video chats, create YouTube tutorials, or capture online gaming highlights, this software elevates screen recording to a new level.

Overview of iTop Screen Recorder?

With the webcam, speaker, and microphone turned on, the iTop Screen Recorder records any area of the screen. supports high-quality video with a configurable bitrate, 60 frames per second, and a 4096 by 2160 (HD) video size option.

This screen recorder tool allows video gamers to capture 2D/3-D games in excessively high quality. use a hardware-extended H.264 encoder to improve recording. Users can save audio in formats including MP3, AAC, and AC3 as well as video in common file types like MP4, AVI, FLV, and GIF. It enables you to condense and edit the video before instantly uploading it to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

Great Characteristic

The following features of this software stand out among others:

  • Flexible Screen Capture: You can start recording from any location on the screen. It is possible to record a specific section of the screen in addition to the entire display.
  • Recording from a Web Camera: In addition to being possible to create the regular screen recording that is available on any computer, utilizing a Web Camera also helps. With this option, you might make a wide range of instructional.
  • The movies received are of the highest caliber and are recorded instantly in HD. You could watch movies that were clear and flowing.
  • Screenshots while recording: It is feasible to take one or more screenshots while the recording is going on. Each person can quickly choose the items they require at any time.
  • Numerous output codecs are supported The most popular video codecs can be used to generate videos, and switching between formats is also an option.
  • Audio insertion on the screen: Audio can be used to follow videos. Among other changes, you can use the sounds produced by the gadget or those obtained via a microphone.


The Product Manager of iTop stated, that iTop is committed to disseminating free, simple, and trustworthy tools. Customers requested an eco-friendly, easy-to-use video recorder, therefore we introduced it. I believe that the iTop Screen Recorder will let users capture videos effectively and with enjoyment. Anyone having this software will have no problem with how to record Zoom meeting.

And with the release of iTop Screen Recorder 3.0, this screen recorder provides users with a free video editor, which gives a one-stop solution to edit video and record screens easier and faster.