Taliban’s acquisition of Afghanistan, a bane for women

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What’s happening in Afghanistan today is going to put this country 200 years back.

Mahbooba Seraj (Founder of Afghan Women’s network)

Petrified men, wailing women, clueless children, for people in Afghanistan life came to a standstill with the withdrawal of American and NATO forces in the predawn hours of July 1, 2021. With this long suspected withdrawal , the Taliban swiftly took control over the large parts of the country, now including the capital city of Kabul. The country of Afghanistan has now fallen at the hands of the Taliban. The impotence of Afghanistan to combat is reflected in the fact that the President of the country, Ashraf Ghani fled , leaving his people to die at the hands of Taliban.

Heartened by their success, the Taliban has geared up its oppression drive, with women being the most predictable targets.

Women in US invaded Afghanistan

When the US invaded Afghanistan…

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