A new phase of Indian history began today in History

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24 August 1608 Hector reaching Surat port. Source: Twitter

In Indian history an important event took place on August 24. This day changed the course of Indian history. A new phase began from this day. On 24 August 1606 a convoy came to India for trading purposes and became the ruler of this land. Do you know what I am talking about? I am sure you have a rough India but still confused. Lets know what happened on this day in history. Why I am making such claims you will come to know after reading this article. So have a cup of tea and start reading. 

Which event took place on 24 August in history

On this day in 1608 the first convoy of the East India company reached Surat in their ship ‘Hector’. They come here for trade and commerce. Though we all know that this is the exploitation…

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