Nizwa Frort: A bygone legacy

-By Shivam Pathak

One of the prime destinations for tourists in Oman is the Nizwa Fort. Its remarkable beauty and majestic setting is the major attraction for tourists in the country. It is situated about hundred and sixty-five kilometers from the capital of
Oman, Muscat. Its distinctive traditional architecture is rather satisfying for the senses of its onlookers. Nizwa fort was constructed in the year of 1650 by Imam Sultan Bin Saif Al Ya’rubi, who ruled Oman from 1649 to 1679.

The fort took in total 12 years to be completed. To ensure a continues supply of water during long duration of besiegement, the fort was constructed above an underground stream. In yore times the structure was a centre of administration for the presiding Imams and Walis. The major part of the fort is its big drum-like tower, which entails turret, secret shafts, false doors, wells, and narrow twisty staircase secured by a heavy wooden door covered with metal spikes, which makes the whole establishment an ultimate stronghold against any attack.

These elements of the fort make it a good example of defense and architectural deception. In addition to this, the fort is also a major landmark of Oman’s long glorious history and its tumulus times. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to remark this fort as one of the great productions of human civilization on this planet.