Social Media: Connect or Distract?

Social media is an issue that should be considered most because it is a platform that is being used worldwide by the people and mostly by the youth. Now, the question comes up that does social media connect or distract us from the real world? So the answer to this can be yes or can be no. A few feel like social media is a part of a new era or generation that thinks social media connects with the people or provides effective and truthful information to them though a few believe that it distracts people from reality. Else makes them addicted to using it. Social media is making an unobserved entrench among the people. Therefore, it is needed to make a note of the usage of social media.

Social media platforms are connecting to the real people yet besides diverting the real people from reality. For instance, an individual living in India and the rest of his/her companions lives in other nation then social media is a boon to them whereas an individual having a get together with his/her friends and they all are using social media instead of interacting with each other then social media is a bane to them. Even though technology is growing faster and through technology, we are also progressing for our benefit. Earlier, social means spending time with family or gatherings with friends, etc. However, presently it’s simply changed absolutely on account of developments and innovation. People are considering social as a means of spending time on social media without interacting with friends in real.

Let’s take a look at some comparative facts:

  1. People are easily able to connect anywhere or anytime but leaving some alone with themselves and their musings.
  2. People are engaging socially rather than engaging with those people who physically present with us.
  3. People maintain a good relation socially but enable us to maintain it in real life.
  4. People will save moments on social media rather than remembering them in reality.
  5. People obsess themselves with social media rather than obsessing with real people or reality.

Similarly, social media is a platform where people are unable to decide whether they connect or distract from the real world. Social media contains both negative as well as positive effects. However, it is very often we spend time with our friends or relatives like dinner or gatherings. This precisely looks like online media enslavement. As in if we are eating ,however, checking our smartphones or social media for the latest updates.  Although keeping on updates is not off-base but it will be better rather in your spare time. For me, it connects to real people but also disconnects from the real world. Hence, it’s typically paradoxical. Taking everything into account, social media can give a lot to us but at the same time can distance us from reality. All is needed to understand how to prioritize social media and the time.

“In a world of algorithms, hashtags, and followers, know the true importance of human connection.”- By an influencer