“The Impact and Roles Of Mass Media During the Pandemic”


With passage of every second somehow we come to know about number of surging tally that is mounting every hour every day, Suddenly we came to know about Number of Active cases across the Globe, Across the Country and Even We came to know about detection of Infected Individual within our Range Who is demarcating it ? Measures And policies governments and International community adopting suddenly came as in the form of Information in one Pop Up of Message In notification Bar. We come across every bit of Information and status articulated to Medical services, Vaccine formations, Various preventive measures suggested by Governments and Health Communities around the world by sitting under comfort on a chair Before a screen or By a single click on the screen of the Mobile phone by a single scroll on a computer system. Today we all are aware of every bit of the outer world by just sitting comfortably inside a room or villa because of the Outstanding, Exhortative and Audacious work of Mass Media. Media had Carried Every Single news, every possible information to our doors. Amid of The Pandemic role and Responsibilities reflected by Mass media and people pertinent to mass media is really Appreciable and deserves serious praise. India’s tally had touched the mark of around 29 Lakhs cases across the region in 200 days since the first case was detected on January 30. In the previous 14 days India had Witnessed around 9 lakh cases, but against all the odds and fears Mass media brought Bold steps and played a significant and Incumbent Role.


Campaign against the deadly Evil COVID-19

It was the month of january world was Introduced to an unknown life threatening Virus suddenly with the outbreak of COVID-19 in Wuhan In china, and this deadly hidden enemy took many lives around the globe in a single stroke of glimpse, Increased the tensions of WHO and Health communities all over the world, After examining the COVID-19 Health communities around the world purposed several Preventions and precautions How one can kept Safe himself amid of this ‘Corona Kal’ WHO and health communities prescribed “Maintain Social Distancing” “Wash Your hands frequently with soaps and sanitizers” “Avoid Public or Mass Gatherings” etc. and Mass Media played a significant role here by running a campaign over their portfolios channels in the form of writings and spread every bit of proposed precautions and preventive measures against COVID-19 among the Public. Mass and social Media come forward with an appeal to maintain and sustain the proposed preventive measures by the mediums of Acts, Advertisement etc. 

Put Forward The Accurate Research and Data-

Mass Media Is a powerful weapon and source that determines how we experience the world and ourselves and Research and data played a significant role in how we perceive ourselves as an aware citizen. Broadcasting information and research work over the time aware us regarding the status of COVID-19. We human beings are undoubtedly the Social Animals so, it is not odd that rumors and misconceptions will not air. Amid this bitter period So many misconceptions and Rumors confronted the masses. But Mass media worked efficiently and carried out the most possible and accurate information pertinent to the COVID-19 by discouraging the fake Information. Some platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and Youtube etc. had produced significantly rumors and misinformation for their self oriented goals becoming a serious concern for the Government and health Authorities but Several Mass media Platforms comes forward with Accurate and Precise Research pertinent to COVID-19 and other issues, provide us every single status when the treatment will approach to the people? What are the trends of trials , What are the significant Results and conclusions put forward by trial agencies and health communities ? What are the possibilities and on every single front of research mass media comes and broadcasts the information.

Social Media Played A role of Encouragement-

NO Doubt ! Covid-19 is life threatening agent but the audacious work carried out by media houses is important to praise and give a hand of appreciation when the world came under the shelter of lockdowns and remained locked in their homes with families People articulated to mass media shows courage and report every single possible platform to carry out information regarding COVID-19 for us. They not only put forward information and data recorded but encouraged us all to maintain all the lock down norms to maintain all the Quarantine Norms and guidelines by encouraging us putting their lives under threat and putting aside their families and reduce panic among people and inject confidence among people to support and follow public health measures and encourages people to ask their queries to share their public opinions and perceptions that can placate the situation of stumbleness.

Visualising Mass Media As Assets Amid OF Pandemic-

In this real time Pandemic Social media is an incumbent source of information, for example Twitter has potential to deliver real time information and data acknowledging the Public health Authorities to answer the questions and concerns of people within a short span of time. CDC (centres for disease control and prevention ) had used social media as an effective source to aware citizens and projecting crucial information for them. Public health departments and authorities used this as a tool to communicate and share information and data.

Emergence of Social Startups and voluntarily works-

 Mass Media encourages people to ignite a lamp of hope by projecting the social startups and voluntarily works. People came forward collectively and formed several startups to provide crucial things like food, water to  raise public awareness etc. startups made portfolios to deliver best of the information related to the deadly virus disease like Near Medical Care Centre, Near quarantine Centre, Incumbent Medicines etc. Some social startups came with an appeal to encourage people to maintain proper norms and practices while remaining in their houses projects, innovative ideas and virtual competitions and other works of learning for the students. 

Impact of Social Media Regarding Covid-19

Social media coverage and public opinions had produced significant results. Airlines inter state transportation by any means got stopped due to the impact of social media coverage. 

Social media and mass media platforms share the important policies and concepts put forward by various experts belonging to the medical sector, economic sector and others sectors and played a role of medium 

to carry the voice of many upto the ears of government and articulated bodies. This brought significant results exhorting the government to shape policies and structures keeping in mind the concerns of public opinions. Recently, the government announced the conducting of NEET-2020 Exam but people opposed it and Tamilnadu  Government came forward with the opinion of people and refused to conduct the exam.

Similar pictures of public opinion put forward by Mass media amid the immigration of workers showing their griefs and pathetic conditions before the government and accounting this situation government runs the trains and public transportation for the public means. 

There was a similar issue of unemployment and medical and a question of living before many poor and social media raise their voice before the government and appealed every single query put forward by people in front of the government and noticeably the government listened and responded with proper solutions like projecting stimulus package and other palacting policies. Government provides employment to the rural labour by the means of MANREGA and by other means.