Education and learning is akin to light; it does not need a medium to propagate as light does not need to propagate. Education and learning are the universal unanimous sign of enlightenment that have capability to reshape the inner conscious of an individual.

Gaining Education and learning needs not medium such as infrastructures, comfort viabilities etc. Learning and grasping is a phenomenon that involves the active consciousness of a student who had zeal to know to explore to reach at an extent of unknown and a devoted tutor, teacher or according to indian mythology ‘guru’ nothing apart from it needed to foster and fortify the foundation of learning.

Depiction in the image is reflecting an exhorting tale that is about devotion and zeal to learn keeping aside all the other factors of comfort, facilities and acquiring the main objective i.e., “To Learn”. And this kind of pedagogy depicted in the image provides a glimpse of Ancient Education when Devotee leaves every comfort of their home, keeping behind every Relationship and head away for the “Aashrams” in the forests where they acquired the enlightening source of education from their respected gurus learn various aspects to ignite inner conscious. Learning and education not necessarily required Schools and buildings and infrastructures and other viable comforts. Education can be flourished anywhere it required only the will of student to explore the unknown and blessings of a teacher in the form of his lessons. 

“A blessing in the Disguise” 

This is very well said, something looking obnoxious has hidden blessings that got revamped in the near future. Efforts made in the situation of harrowing produce stunning charisma in the future. This is an epitome form of grasping and learning anybody can sit under a well designed roof with the coolness of AC’s and anybody can teach on a well standardized platform but teaching under such pathetic condition without any viable source keeping apart every misery and pathetic condition is the extreme form of Education that also have Pious blessings of Almighty god. And students sitting within open under the direct scorching rays of sun with hot bowl like condition or sometimes under the chilling winds of winter but forgetting all the discomforts and putting forward the great essence to learn something is an exceptional thing and this exceptional zeal of students to grow instead of all miseries and discomforts fortify them to every challenge and Almighty god also blessed them with an inner enlightenment of learning.

Pious And Pure Form Of Education-

This Pedagogy under disguise shaped a religion that is a religion of learning In which every single Individual grasping under such conditions believes in the religion of learning. Students articulated to such conditions forgot every means of discrimination disequality, dignity etc. They shape a new universe of learning that does not involves the aspects of status, dignity, condition based upon richness and poorness they prone themselves to the motive of Learning and serves the best motive of education i.e., to believe in everything with a homogenous eye with an eye of equality these teachers and students have only one religion one belief and one aim to learn to grow, keeping behind every other distracting factor and this the pious form of education that have a message and theme to Change change towards move towards world of reformation.

Education and learning can flourish anywhere without any source of availability. It needs only the inner consciousness of a student and the inner devotion of a teacher. And charismatic results of education produced under the Roof of sky and Upon the Carpet of Earth in the name of Almighty god and belief in the devotion of teachers with an inner zeal produce Tremendous Results that are Farsighted and Have Implications for the future. No! One can forget the name of APJ Abdul Kalam and Abraham Lincon and many more who cherish under the roof of such Exhorting Pedagogy.