“Assignment To Master your Vocabulary”

  Assignment To Master your Vocabulary”

Today’s world of Communication language  acts as a bridge to Consolidate the different aspects of life. From Common gossips of  people upto the exhorting speech of the Prime minister these are the words that reflect the essence of the Plot.

In today’s world to foster any activity varying from business world, corporate world, entertainment daily life activities,scientific data, webinars, conferences in every aspect of life language is ‘de rigueur’. So having a good amount of Vocabulary within your pocket can be Tremendously effective and  that can add another ‘feather in your cap’. 

Methods That are very effective to Improve the Vocabulary-

Reading Habit-

Reading is an efficacious method to ameliorate the vocabulary. Are you a beginner ? Don’t be afraid and get penic about it, just start reading Newspapers, Magazines, Novels and Books and any other stuff that belongs to your domain.Start reading the stuff that gives you a feeling of pleasure and stuck you for a long time, read genres that you like most. Regular habit of Reading introduces you with new words and their usage as per the context and this will enable you to recapitulate with the same word and this will be fortified in the dictionary of your mind, along with reading and preparing a separate diary for collection of new words with their proper definition and meaning.

Writing Habit-

Writing is an effective means not only to express an intuitive voice on any platform but proper and punctilious writing is a practice that is Excessively Crucial and can be proved a milestone in developing Vocabulary. Just simply plot an imagination in your brain or describe any Aspect whatever you like in the form of essays, articles, blogs, etc. Using the Inconclusive and mysterious words you encountered while reading use those outlandish words you had jotted in your diary, this practice will compel you to revise those concealed words with the usage as per the context and effectively your memory can sustain those words for a long time.

Articulate words with Imagination-

While processing words in your mind try to articulate the word with an image so that you can process the meaning of the word pertinent to the subject. Image pertinent to the word will remain for a long time and also helps in learning a significant number of words.

Daily Gossips-

Of Course ! Every Individual has their friend zone in which a lot of gossip is shared through chatting,verbally etc. While jogging in the morning or while walking in parks and playgrounds in evening, Use different outlandish words you interact while reading, watching or from any source, with your friends. Whenever you are chatting over any platform use those words excessively and use those to explore words while interacting with someone while giving speeches, debates, and any programme that involves the part of communication.

Usage Of standard Books and material –

A number of words can be extracted  using some good books. Norman Lewis’ can ignite your zeal to learn and to build a good amount of vocabulary. If your flow of learning and exploring vocabulary gets stagnant Just Start It with ‘Norman Lewis’, etc.