Human civilisation has been around for years, and while the achievements we have accomplished and the progress we have made is exceptional, we seem to be forgetting our old traditions. A tradition can be defined as an inherited, established, or customary pattern of thought or behaviour, or cultural continuity in social customs and attitudes. Many don’t seem to realise how important traditions are. Not only are they exciting to look forward to, but also help us find some form of stability and comfort in this ever-changing world. Family traditions can even bring families together and help strengthen the bond between them. 

Traditions are a critical piece of our culture. They help us stay connected to our past and history, and shape us into a good citizen for the future. They reconnect family and old friends and strengthen the bonds which might have weakened during the years. We know that the world is chan, and humanity is always evolving. In such chaotic times, old traditions help us to pause and take a step back from our daily lives. Family traditions can even help improve your character. They have a way of instilling a set of values like charity in the younger generations and help mould a disciplined and functional member of society.

When you are on your deathbed, what will you remember? Your work, or the memories you made with your loved ones? Traditions create pleasant memories with friends and family which can last forever. When life gets stressful, these memories can help bring a smile to your face. They are comforting. Traditions also celebrate the unity and the diversity of a place. They are an opportunity for us to express our gratitude and celebrate the things which matter. They help us reconnect with our souls, and without them life is incomplete.

It is incredibly saddening to see how we have slowly forgotten our traditions. We are too busy with our lives to even talk to the ones closest to us. Our increasing distance from our families and friends only contributes to our stress, and make our lives lose meaning. We have to realise how therapeutic the relations we have and the memories we make with those we love and cherish are. They help keep us grounded and provide us with comfort in stressful times. We have to find some way to reestablish the important and meaningful traditions of our lives.

How can we do this? Reach out to those who you love and celebrate old traditions with them. Put down your devices and reconnect with them. Maybe even try making new ones with new friends and family. A tradition doesn’t have to be a big picnic or vacation. They can be minor things like having a movie night every Friday with friends or making a special breakfast for your family on the weekends. Have traditions you can practice on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis. These might seem trivial, but these are the things which help you find your purpose in life. They will motivate you to keep going when life gets tough.