education vs certificates/degree

What are degrees? What are certificates? What do you mean by skills? Why both are compliment to each other? Which one carries more importance and why? 

All of the above are the question which are moving around the small world of job, education and business.

Skilled education with certificates and degree is a complete education. In this modern age of technology, both have combined importance. The value of degree decreases without skills, similarly the market value of skills also decreases in the absence of certified degree.

Degrees– According to the system, degree describes the skills learned by a person in a certified manner. Degree is an outlook of a person’s qualification which is the first requirement to apply for any private or government job for a respective post. Actually, degrees can describe the theoretical knowledge of a degree holder but can not be able to describe a little bit of practical knowledge of any field.

It is not always true that according to the degrees or certificates a person has skills that are mentioned in the certificates. It may also possible that person has learned skills during completion of degree, but has forgot what he learned at that time. In this technical world, it has been seen that freshers who have sufficient degrees and certificates for the respective posts in the company but they are not able to do a single work of the respective post without a perfect training, because they haven’t learned how to work in industry. They haven’t worked at any platform during their college. “A cramming parrot can’t be a creative personality.” This describes that only bookish knowledge is not sufficient to work in any industry. It requires skills and work experience as well as theoretical knowledge. It has been seen that there are too many private training centers which takes fees to provide training to the students, but after getting money they don’t care weather students are learning or not and students also takes training as fun. At last institutes provides the certificate of completion of the course which doesn’t mean that students are skilled, they have only certificates but not knowledge of that field. That’s why they are not able do something productive in any industry. So only degree is not sufficient to get success in any field it requires skills.

Skills- Skill is all about the way to do any work with efficiency. Skill requires to implement theoretical knowledge in the practical form. As a person who knows all theoretical concept about any equipment like motors, but haven’t operate them. Then he will not able to operate all the operations of the motor with efficiency without any training program. Theses training programs describe all about regarding operation which called skills.

Thus, skilled education can’t define in a small sentence. The degrees also can’t fully describe all about the skills of a degree holder. To know about the skills of a person, practical test is required in the presence of an expert of that skill.

Without skilled education a person can not be able to get a job in any field because degrees describe his outlook of the skills but he will fail in the practical test of any company if he has not skills in an efficient manner. And also, if a person has only skills but not an appropriate certificate regarding that skill, he will also get some trouble to get any job.

But a skilled person without degree has many options in his life, as he can do their own work and can go in the field of startup. And once he will become the master of his field, degree and certificates doesn’t matter for him. Although he can not be able to get a respective job without degree but he will be able to provide the job to the degree holders. One of the richest persons of the world, “Mr. Bill gates” is the best example of skilled education. No need to explain about him because all of us know very well. Mr. James watt who has invent the Steam Engine although he has not any degree or certificates is another example of skills. Thus, skilled education is most important because every organization wants the communication skills, managing skills and leadership skills in their employees.

Conclusion: Both skill and degrees or certificates have their own importance. Both are dependent to each other. In absence of one, other’s importance decreases. To get a degree some skills also required. Without any skill a person can not be able to get the degree. The conclusion is that skilled education with certificates or degrees are the best form of the education which should be provided to everyone to get success.

– Arpit Kumar