Advancement in technology led to the emergence of social media platforms. It has facilitated sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression. Communication can be done at a faster pace as people living far away are linked to each other through social media platforms and it takes hardly a few seconds to connect to anyone around the globe.


  1. A boon in crisis
  2. Aid for solving crimes
  3. Form of political influence
  4. Revolution in brand making
  5. Curbs distance


  1. Disparity
  2. Political polarization
  3. Physical and mental health
  4. Stereotyping
  5. Sleep disturbances
  6. Adolescents
  7. Effects on youth communication
  8. Changes in mood


  1. We can keep in touch with friends in today’s busy world.
  2. We can improve ourselves by sharing our ideas, information and knowledge with those, who have same interests, even if they are so many miles away from us.
  3. Teachers and professors are making groups on SNS to extend classroom discussion, to post assignments, tests & quizzes and to assist students with homework.
  4. Many companies are developing interactive communities that connect individuals to share business needs & experiences.
  5. Students are connecting with employers via LinkedIn kind of SNS for job opportunities and internships.
  6. We can find our friends easily, if we lost contact.
  7. Generally social networking sites have a positive atmosphere. For example, Facebook doesn’t send notification, if someone is removed as a friend. So there is a least chance for the person to know that.


  1. People are increasingly comparing their lives with others that are projecting their life as perfect. This decreases happiness levels and also can lead to self-esteem issues.
  2. Privacy is a big drawback of SMS. Some people are using other person’s personal information for malicious intentions.
  3. Addiction is another big drawback of SMS.
  4. Lot of SMS users are preferring online conversation rather than face-to-face. It’ll effect communication skills, relationships and even mental health.
  5. There is a high risk for children and teenagers from cyber stalking.
  6. Gossips and rumors spread soon.
  7. Spending in front of computer for long hours creates many health problems.

Advantages for Teenagers:

a)      Comfortable way of communication for shy teens. This can boost their self-esteem and confidence.

b)      Social media gives teens with unusual interest and hobbies a place to share information and enthusiasm.

c)      Social media helps them to enrich and manage their social lives.

d)      Teens who are differently able and have other challenges can communicate with other teens with similar problems.

 Disadvantages for Teenagers:

a)      Online bullying and harassment which is also known as Cyber-bullying may be the biggest danger for teens.

b)      Online predators, it is basically an online sex crime against minors.

c)      Less interaction with friends and family.

Advantages for students:

a)      Students can produce and retain information.

b)      Social media offers lots of opportunities for learning and interaction.

c)      Students are getting to explore and experience the world not only by books and assignments; but also by adapting social media.

d)      In today’s world; contacts, networks and communications are very important; students who are accessing Facebook, twitter and other such social networking site to connect and share information have good contacts.

        Disadvantages for students:

a)      Social media can be a very distracting and harmful for students.

b)      Students share personal information, comment on someone’s post which may be harmful for them.

c)      Always glued with their mobiles, tablets, computer which is a wastage of time and may spoil their performance.