Differentiation of human beings on the basis of physical appearance is what racism is about. It gives birth to prejudice and discrimination against people because of their skin color. Racism ignites the feeling of hatred in the heart of every being against these people.

Nobody chooses a certain color of their skin to be born with. An individual’s skin pigmentation is the result of genetics. Different races amongst people lead to their superiority and inferiority in the society accordingly. Abuse, harassment, name-calling, exclusion from groups and preventing people from enjoying dignity and equality are acts arising out of racism.

Racism is found everywhere- around you and me in some or the other form. In our neighborhoods, shops, workplace, schools, public transport etc. These days racism is also seen online in the form of offensive comments, hateful videos and memes.


System and institutions tend to render advantage to white people and cause widespread harm and disadvantage in terms of opportunities to people referred to as black. Systematic racism has its roots into the laws and institutions which were created on the foundation of white supremacy. Color based oppression of people based on a socially constructed racial hierarchy and giving privilege to people who are identified as white is “white supremacy”. Systematic racism is also initiated in inter personal conversations and behavior that include bullying and offensive language.


Racism causes harm to the ones against whom it is practiced. It hurts individuals, communities and our society at large. It has profound effects on the mental health and welfare of the people on whom it is inflected. This includes feelings of sadness, anger. anxiety and even depression. Diminishing quality of life and people attempting suicide are another consequences of racism.

Racism is confined to effecting individuals but also has the potential of affecting the whole society. It leads to the creation of a society with lack of trust and respect amongst the people. It also challenges fairness and equality.


Black lives matter was founded in 2013. It is a global organization in the US, UK, and Canada, whose mission is to eradicate white supremacy and build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities by the state and vigilantes. The recent Black Lives Matter protests arose on June 6, when half a million people turned out in nearly 550 places across the United States.

This victory for Black Lives Matter demonstrates the effectiveness of the organization to fight for justice and create societal change. Black lives matter is working to improve the lives of African Americans in America. It has been able to initiate a unified voice against the racial inequality.


In order to oppose racism some beliefs, actions, policies and movements are adopted, this is known as anti racism. It aims at creating a society where people are not discriminated on the basis of their race. Movements against racism : civil rights movement and anti-apartheid movement.


Aktion Courage (Germany)

Anti-Nazi League (United Kingdom)

Les Indivisibles (France)

SOS Racisme (France)

Rock Against Racism (United Kingdom)

Aktion Kinder des Holocaust (Switzerland)

Anti-Fascist Action (United Kingdom)

Campaign Against Racism and Fascism (United Kingdom)

Anti-Racism and Hate (United States)

By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) (United States)

Anti-Racist Action (North America)

One People’s Project (United States)

Roots of Resistance (Canada)


  • Walk away
  • Tell someone about what is happening with you.
  • Inform the police
  • Stay safe online
  • Find someone for help
  • Ignore
  • Keep a record
  • Take action
  • Initiate anti-racism movement