Comet Neowise has been entertaining space enthusiasts across the northern Hemisphere. Although its official name is C/2020 F3, the comet has been dubbed “Neowise” after the near earth object wide field infrared survey explorer space telescope that first noticed it earlier this year. The Neowise Comet was discovered on March 27th and it is closely passing earth, i.e, it’ll be only 200 times as far as the moon is from the earth. All the hype of this comet is because you can actually watch it with naked eye. The last time humans could see a comet with the naked eye, it was comet Hale- Bopp in 1997.

How can one see it with naked eyes?

Find the darkest possible swath of sky and make sure your eyes are adjusted so that you give yourself the best possible opportunity to see faint objects. You need 15 minutes or so to adjust your eyes, so that your pupils are adjusted, and they are used to seeing fainter thing. You can also use the app “comet neowise” developed by astrophysicist Hanno Rein of university of Toronto Scarborough to see exactly where it is, so that you know the direction which you need to look upon.

You can take a moment to look up and enjoy this beauty glazing through the space for about 20 minutes right after the sunset. A ll should witness this surreal experience before it disappears into the outer-space for next 6000 years.